Friday, August 5, 2011

lending a hand

Bonnie, my neighbour -well, not a close neighbour. Bonnie and Aaron live nine miles away. She me called yesterday. I don't know if any you have heard about the explosion at a senior home in the early hours of this past Tuesday in Edmonton? Turns out, that Bonnie's eighty-three old mother lived in that particular home. She was rescued from the building and taken to the hospital. 

Bonnie did some juggling at work to make sure her shifts were covered and made plans to head to Edmonton today. Reason I am mentioning this is because, Aaron is busy in the field trying to get his hay put up in between all the rain. Bonnie during the day, has been bottle feeding four baby lambs. Aaron takes care of the early morning and late evening feeds. Bonnie asked if I could help out once again. (They took off for two days earlier in July, and I kept an eye on their place and did up all the chores). No worries. I should mention that Bonnie is about sixty-one and Aaron is seventy-two.

There is four bottle baby lambs. Two blacks and the two whites.

I don't have to feed this little guy this time around. Aaron feeds him twice a day. Once in the mornin, and than again in the evenin.

I like this ole' handsome fella! 

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