Monday, August 8, 2011

peas, hay, and soap

Today was a busy day. I made another batch of soap. Young Frank and I picked about half of the pea crop this morning. Frank Jr headed out late morning to rake hay, while I started on shelling peas.

I went over to Mr. Walker's at 12.30 to feed the babies and again at 5 pm.  One of the black lambs, decided I wasn't getting his bottle to him fast enough, and he jumped over the fence.

Came home, greased the mower and headed out and cut hay for a couple of hours. When Frank Jr was done with raking, he started shelling peas. I don't think he was enjoying that chore, because when I got home from cutting, he quickly relinquished the peas to me. I finally finished shelling peas about 6.30.

After supper, I blanch the peas. twenty-four cups later! Tomorrow, it will start all over!
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