Thursday, August 4, 2011

that's final!!

I decided it was time to wean the lambs from their mamas. But I have a set of twins that have other ideas.

Remember Tess and Claire? Well, these two ewe lambs kept on escaping back to their ma. Wild just like their mother!  So I decided forget it Andy!  All three will be shipped to the auction in a couple of weeks time! 

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  1. As always, I'm really enjoying your photos. I regret to hear that the lambs are getting in trouble.

  2. The pure wool lambs are behaving beautiful, considering they are no longer allowed to suckle their mamas. But the hair sheep-Babs (mother) is a purebred Barbados. Her babies are half hair sheep and half wool. I believe that their breeding, more so the hair breed, makes them a wee bit more skittish. Babs is a little on the wild side, and she has passed this onto her offspring. Since 90% of the time it is me, and me alone that work with my sheep-and I don't have a herding dog-I can't have any wild sheep. It just makes for more work for me. And I want to be patient and calm with them.

  3. Oh I agree, no wild sheep. Been there, done that, and I think you are doing the right thing removing them from your flock.