Sunday, October 30, 2011

population explosion

I don't know if I blogged about this earlier or not. But last November we had a stray cat take up residence in our barn. I asked the kids if it was a male or female. All of my toms were fixed. The kids couldn't tell me. When Maddie left at the end of February, to go to DV, to work at the gas station  for my sister, Liz, I took over the milking. My first morning out there, I got a real good look at 'Stranger'. It turns out Stranger was a tom. How in the hell the kids missed those big fuzzy nuts is totally beyond me!!!

Since April, we have had a slight cat explosion on the farm.  Two of the female barn cats (mother and daughter) had there kittens pretty much in the same 'nest' together. That is the first eight kittens. The daughter had another two kittens this summer at the end of the west field in an old combine. She brought them up to the barnyard a couple of weeks ago. I haven't seen them. But Frank has. Cleo, the mother, had another six kittens.

When Olivia was here, visiting back in September, Cleo started bringing them to the barn. I caught a little orange kitten and gave it to Olivia to hold and pet.  I left Olivia in the barn, while I forked feed to Lawrence, and checked the cows water trough. I might have been gone no more than 15 minutes when I got back to the barn. Here comes Olivia running across the yard back to the barn, screaming. "They tilled the titty! They tilled the titty!"  Olivia is four, and her speech isn't the greatest when she is upset. It turns out that one of the poms had snatched the kitten out of her hand, and killed it in front of her. I still feel like shit, that 'Liv had to experience that.

Just the other day, Frank had found another orange kitten, dead inside of a barrel. That barrel is now turned upside down, so that can't happen again. Our two house cats, Jynx and Tiny each have a litter of kittens. Tiny is on her third litter since the end of March.

Here are a few shots of some of the kittens.

Cleo and some of the kittens

And speaking of population explosion after Oct 31, the Earth's population is suppose to hit the 7 billion mark. By the year 2100, it will double to 14 Billion. It makes me wonder how the Earth is going to handle this.

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  1. Oh, poor baby that she had to witness that. Are there any programs in your area that will spay and neuter them? Sometimes they will give you a break. Holy carp that is alot of cats.

  2. Hi Kelly: You have no idea! I laughed at your comment about the cats. As far as I know, Olivia hasn't talked about the 'titty' incident since it happened.

  3. Yes, a population explosion of cats and people! Yikes. That is a lot of cats. We don't have any cats here and we live way out in the bush, but we've had three feral cats at the house this week hunting my chickens, they killed one rabbit. Different than barn cats. That is funny about missing the balls! lol