Sunday, November 27, 2011

bein' crafty

Every year for as long as I can remember, I make Christmas decorations. The Victorian era has always been my favourite time period. Even as a young girl. When my children were growing up, the Christmas theme was always centred around the children. But as they started growing up and out of the home, I have slowly been converting my decorations to Victorian. I also love vintage and shabby chic. This year, I have scoured the net for ideas. So here are few of things that I have made so far.

I cut 4 1/2 inch squares out of a heavy cardstock. I stamped across the middle of the square. I inked around the edges using a sponge. I picked a font I liked, increased the size to fit my square,and  printed it off of the computer. I than traced the letters onto my squares. I used graphite paper. You can find it at most dollar stores, and craft stores. I used folk art paint. Which you can find at most dollar stores and craft stores. I punched two holes and threaded my ribbon through each square. I just eye-balled it for evenness. Mine says Merry Christmas, but you could use the title of your favourite Christmas carol like I did for my pennant.

O Holy Night pennant banner

the instructions for making this is here 

the instructions for making this are here

the instruction for making this are here

instructions for making the cone  here

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  1. Love the decorations, such a great idea. Did you see the Victorian Christmas series?

  2. Looks good Cheryl. I especially like the 'Merry Christmas'.

  3. I also love Christmas decorations. I try to limit myself, because, if you don`t stop me, I`ll decorate every inch :) I really love your ideas.

  4. LB: I didn't see the Victorian series. Can you tell me more? I would be interested in viewing them.

    Thanks Liz. I went on etsy and got ideas for my banners. Cassierae gave me the idea for the paper wreath, and the cones I have been wanting to do for years.

    When my kids were small, I went crazy with decorations. I always did crafts with them all --4 kids=a lot of decorations! And of course the results always got displayed!!

  5. Oh you will love it - they did two series, "Victorian farm" and a Christmas one - all about a traditional Victorian Christmas. I saw it all last winter on the knowledge channel... It was run on the BBC... Here are some links! You can watch episodes online if your internet is quick enough - mine isnt! Otherwise I think you can buy DVD's :)

    The Christmas one:
    Victorian Farm series:

    On the farm they lived and did everything traditional - I know you'll fall in love with it. It's great :) And the Christmas one is perfect for you right now!