Friday, November 4, 2011

life can change in an instant

Well we have gotten ourselves in quite a pickle. Wednesday morning, hubby Frank was checking fence lines, and removing any fallen trees off of the barb wire fence. He was trying to pull a willow off, and those darn things sure don't like to give. But when the willow decided to give, it took Frank's arm with it. He isn't sure how it happen. But somehow  when the pressure gave, the willow twisted, and his right arm twisted right along with it. He felt something snap in his arm. After some cussing, lecturing himself, he finished doing what he was doing, (typical man) and managed somehow to pull start the quad and make his way home.

When he came in, he called for me, and I had to assist him out of his coats, and his shirt. His arm didn't look normal. His bicep was not one, it is now in two. It reminded me of the comic hero, elastic man.  I ended up taking him to the hospital.

The doctor wants a MRI but the waiting  list is 2-3 months. Or we could pay $500 to get into a private MRI clinic. The closest one to us, is Edmonton. The doctor decided he would start with an ultra sound. Hoping it might show something to the extent of the damage. Frank goes in on Monday.

Frank is a grader operator. He is off of work, for how long we don't know. No disability insurance. No benefits through work. Nothing.  Zero!

I believe it is very important for folks not to live beyond their means. It is important for planning for emergencies. No matter how small or large the emergency.

Grub wise we are good. Bills are all paid up to date. We weren't smart enough to get disability insurance on our mortgage. Didn't think we needed it. Our payment is small-$322. Manageable. We bought a new used truck last December. No disability insurance. Payments are under $400. I am kind of worried. But I know, young Frank will help out. He is working steady. Other than the money situation, and the lack of  thinking that we needed certain insurances, we are in good shape. With that said....

There are other worries and concerns. Like, not enough wood has been put up for winter. Frank can't finish that task, now that he is a one arm bandit. Young Frank isn't home, his works has  sent him to camp. He might be home at the end of November. I could try an operate the chainsaw. It has been eleven years since the last time I used one. Feeding livestock, well I have done that before. I know between Frank and I we can separate and wean the few calves that we have, and get them all Ivomec. But the needling part, I can't do. Neither can Frank. Might need help from a neighbour there. We have never asked for help. This is going to be all new to us. And knowing Frank the way I know him, he will try and do it all. He won't ask for help. He is already getting 'impatient' with me for cutting up his meat at meal times, and dressing him.

I usually don't share everything with you all. Because I am not a complainer. Nor do I look for sympathy. I am only sharing this with you all, because in a blink of an eye, your situation can change. Are you prepared for the 'what ifs'? Because it can happen. To any of us.
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  1. Possible torn bicept? That had to of been so painful. I wish we were close. It would be so cool if a few bloggers could get together and knock out that wood, de worm cattle etc. I have read other blogs and we are all on unsteady ground. Life can shift under us and everything chang so quickly. Please take heart that prayers and best wishes are coming your way. Thank goodness you have planned as much as your have. Food, shelter, the basics. Hope your hubby gets to feeling better and this is not so bad.

  2. All the best to him. Things like this are always a wake up call to the rest of us.

  3. my heart goes out to you. I got chills reading your story because you are so right...things can change in an instant. You will be in my prayers for sure. Blogs and the internet are so great to bring people together...until you need physical help. I would chop wood or cook you dinner in a heartbeat if Alberta wasn't over 1,000 miles away. I'm hope (& think) your neighbors will be happy to help. Prayers and hugs, Fran.

  4. Thanks ladies for your kind words, and prayers.


  5. I`m glad to see you`re back to blogging. I really regret to hear what happened to your husband. I hope that he recovers from this injury really soon.
    I always take insurance seriously. Maybe it`s the habit of a city dweller. Or maybe it`s because I`m a chicken and a control freak.