Friday, November 18, 2011

vaccinating, de-worming, de-lousing.....

This morning we 'rounded' up the girls. As everyone who has worked with sheep, know that is not an easy task without a herding dog!! Which I don't have. I would have preferred them in the barn. But that was not to be. Some of the newer ones would not go in there. I gave up on that idea. So into the working corral instead. First Lawrence had to lead out of the working corral area, and locked into the barn. We are not set up for sheep. Everything, and I mean everything, is designed for cattle. * Note to me: need to change that! Once I get Frank's agreement!*

Oh, the reason for the 'great' round-up? It was time, probably getting a little late in the year, but they needed their shots. The sheep needed to be vaccinated and de-wormed/de-loused. Frank's injury has set us back a bit. I don't needle.
when we first brought them into the lane way

Frank all ready with the needle, waiting for me to 'sit' the ewe lamb on her butt. The bad thing about doing sheep at this time of year, is the cold temperatures are not in our favour. As if they really are regardless.The temperature was -19 when we did the sheep.  The tip of the needles kept freezing. Maddie was on the other side on the walk way (it is a wooden bench, if you will, suspended in the air, so we can stand on it and be taller than the lane way) filling needles, and keeping the tips from freezing. If it took me a bit longer to get the sheep to sit, the needle tip had already started to freeze. It just makes life more interesting. Right?

Frank giving the ewe lamb an injection,subcutaneously (which means, just under the skin). We gave the needles to the ewe, in the bald area near their armpits.

releasing my little beasties

Now the cattle need to be done!!!

Frank's arm is feeling way better, but it is still not back to normal. I don't know if I had mentioned this, but last week, he thought he was feeling so much better, he decided to throw a stick for his poms, needless to say, he used his right arm. Well he re-injured it, and caused some new bruising to the area.  He learnt the hard way, not to rush his healing. Frank has an appointment with the specialist on the 28th in Grande Prairie. I hope the weather and the highways are good. It is a three hour drive one way for us.

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