Saturday, December 3, 2011

road trip

Yesterday was a busy day. Maddie and young Frank decided they needed projects for the winter. And maybe a challenge. Since young Frank had to work, and the rest of us are 'unemployed bums' hubby Frank, Maddie, and I took a road trip. This road trip included the stock trailer. We went to British Columbia and we came home with....

.... these two six month old foals!!

buckskin filly

stud colt paint

Young Frank is so excited. He has never owned a horse before. He purchased the stud colt, and the little filly is Madeline's. 
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  1. How exciting! They are both adorable but I especially love the filly, so pretty!

  2. The kids are pleased with their purchases. They have been discussing the ways that they are going to go about halter breaking them. It should be interesting.