Sunday, February 6, 2011

what a 'bummer'

Well it looks like we have a new roomy. The little ram lamb that was born last week has moved into the porch with the dogs.

This morning I went out and fed him at 8.30 and by 9 am Frank had brought him to the house, and I fed him another cup of Misty's milk. For the next five hours I had put four cups of milk into him. Frank kicked his mama out of the barn and now we have a bummer-a  bottle baby.

The ewe had a bad bag which developed last year.I think Clover is close to 10 years of age. Bad thing about where we live, is we are 7 hours away from the closest sheep auction. So I kept her. So with a bad udder, and no desire to nurse her baby, even with me making her, leaves him an orphan.

Well, the good thing about all this, is, I don't have to make cheese anymore!
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