Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I apologise from the get go-the camera is having a minor melt down and refuses to take pictures. So I do not have a new picture of the lamb.

Since the last time I blog-I know bad. But really my life is exceptionally boring, I sometimes I wonder why I even started a blog. But I digress.

The lamb has grown in leaps and bounds. Still living in my porch with the dogs. I am starting to think that he will soon become one. His mother has since died. Hubby had to put her down. Her infection in udder and the cold weather didn't make easy on the ole girl. It's too bad. I hate it when animals die.

I have been trying to find another bottle baby lamb to keep this one company. So far, no such luck. I have tried a couple that raises sheep in my area, but they are not lambing until May. Madeline put an ad on Kijiji and we had an answer. But they want way to much for a lamb. How much, you ask? Like $185.00. I was thinking more along the lines of twenty bucks! But sheep prices are exceptionally good this year. And sheep producers want for their bottle baby lambs what they would get for them when the lambs are weighing 85pounds. I phoned the auction and that fella said the same thing. This year producers are holding onto the lambs. I think this whole situation is crazy. The amount of money that producers are going to pump into milk replacer for a minimum of two months, they won't re-coop their money. It's not like I can sell a bottle fed calf for $800.

So for now, our little lamb will continue to have poms for pen mates. One day when the temperature warms up to -15 even I will move him to the barn.
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