Thursday, March 24, 2011


This little lamb is the youngest of the triplets. I have been supplementing him with some of  Misty's milk a few times throughout the day. I don't think Mule (well, doesn't he look like one with those ears?) is aggressive enough to fight for one of the teats. 

I  brought Mule into the house yesterday, thinking maybe I should take him away from his mama. But than, I really don't want another spoiled lamb on my hands. I think is better for Mule to stay with his mama, and I will just go feed him.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

grabbing some zzzzz's

Joe, sitting on the roof of the truck, soaking up the eight am sun.
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three to go

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Maddie's first love....



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the morning after the night before...

See, no worse for wear. He was glad to see me this morning with his bottle. 
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sun coming over the tree line

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another move

Lamb is not happy with me this evening. I served him with his eviction notice. I didn't turn him out in the cold to live miserably in the snow with out some sort of a roof over his head. He has found new lodgings in the hen house. The hens have graciously, but suspiciously accepted their new room-mate.  "Why didn't I put Lamb in the barn?" Y'll are askin. 

To be continued......
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What is it Jynx?

Frank Jr, was 'wrigglin' the pitch fork just beneath the surface of the hay. Jynx, couldn't figure out exactly what it was.

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singles, doubles or triples.....which is better?

Well triplets of course!!!

Ali-Baba decided today was the day to have her babies. Frank Jr and I have got them rooming in the barn. She  had two ram lambs, and one ewe. 

This is the reason why Lamb could not be moved to the barn. 
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the big move

Frank Jr got the honors of carrying the bull calf to the barn. 

Boots and her calf are reunited. We locked them both in the barn overnight. One: so they could bond. Two: it was snowing and on the cool side..-15 C.

This was taken today. Forty-eight hours after he was 'found' you wouldn't know that he was on death's door. He is running and jumpin around. I think that is a good sign that all is well.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

first day of Spring brings.....

According to Frank, our first calf is due end of March. Oh, he informed me of this just yesterday morning. As I am sitting at Misty's side pullin teats, Frank comes back into the barn, and "ask" for my assistance when I am done milking. Sure, no problem. What do you need help with? Boot's calved in the snow, and the calf is partially frozen. It was -11 C. No worries. 

Frank picks up the calf, but Boots ( she three years old) doesn't want to follow. She keeps going back on me, to the spot in the snow, where she had her calf. Meanwhile, Frank is standing there, holding this calf, trying to make little calf noises, and getting tired by the moment. He has spent most of the winter in camp, operating a grader (Frank is a grader operator), grading bush roads, and now is sciatic nerve is acting up. I know holding a hundred pound calf is probably not helping. A few choice words were spoken between us. 

Now to add to all the excitement, is Rambo. Who is Rambo? He is my ram. He is somewhat of an a.......! He doesn't think anybody should be near the cows or his ewes. I think he has some sort of complex. I am sure he thinks the beefies are part of his  harem also. Well he started coming after me, not once, not twice but a few times. Now, I am are trying to get a cow to do what I want, and she has other plans. And her plan was to head for deeper snow, which is up to my ass. I can't maneuver in that stuff. Plus now, I am dealing with a ram that can. I did the only thing I could do. 

I went and got Frank Jr, -he was hauling wood. Old Frank, brought the calf as far as the barn. Frank Jr brought the calf the rest of the way to the house. Where we worked on him, to finish drying him and blowing drying him dry. Finally got some colostrum into him. 

While I am writing this the two Franks, have gotten Boots into the corral with the Jerseys, and barn ready for the new mama and calf. Frank is hoping that in the next half hour, we can get the calf moved to the barn and start the bonding with his mama. 

ps: In defense of Frank and his record keeping (with me constantly nagging at him, he is finally getting better. Just took 20 years!!)  that the bull was turned out with the girls on June 17. That makes the first day of calving March 29. So I can't figure out why the calf was born nine days sooner, and it is full term.Also, their was no bull on the farm until June 17. 
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weather, whether, wether

I will apologise and for warn,  in advance, to any male readers that I have. Please, cross your legs now, and squeeze hard.  (evil laughter rings out!)

The dirty deed was done today. Frank Jr, was getting tired of Lamb 'humpin' his dog. I should have rung Lamb the first week of March. Well, now it is done. He will be a hurting unit for a few days, and than he won't even notice them gone.

I was going to take pictures.... I do have some compassion.
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