Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what's been goin on...

 My oldest girl, Jamielee, went in for surgery yesterday. She had a cyst the size of a grapefruit attached to her right ovary. They had to remove her ovary. The mass was solid,and its was sent away for a biopsy to find out exactly what it is. She is hoping she can come home tomorrow. 

My sister Liz, manages the Petro Can in Drayton Valley. She knew Madeline was looking for work, and so Liz offered her a job. Liz and Sid came and got Maddie on the 27th of February. Madeline is living at Liz's. Man I miss this brat! I do!

Cassierae and Ben are also in Drayton. Cassierae went to be there to assist Jamielee when she gets home from the hospital. Gotta love sisterly love. Ben is my little Blondie!! 

Frank Jr's cat, Tiny, had a litter of kittens. 

Yesterday, the boys had to fix the sewer. The pump had given out, and needed to be replaced. But the discharge line for the grey water, is frozen somewhere. So for now, the discharge is running on my lawn. I wonder how my clover lawn will look in about a month's time? I wonder if I could graze Misty in the yard? And would I want to?

I am glad that is one shitty job I didn't have to do!  

Lamb is growing big. Frank calls him several different names. Some of them I can not in all good graces mention. But the two that I can mention are Sheepdog, and Lamel. He is becoming such a brat. I will never ever, again, raise a barnyard animal in the house! Never!! Frank keeps taking him back to the barn to be with the other sheep, but he keeps coming back to the house. Did I mention that I will never raise another barnyard animal in my house?

All the other babies are doing well. The other two ewes still haven't lambed yet. I have been putting the mob into the barn each night. I want the other two ewes to get use to the barn. For the 'just in case'. Frank is getting tired of these ones too. I don't think Frank really likes sheep. He is a cattleman, not a shepherd! He says they make to much noise compared to the cows. I gently reminded him, the sheep aren't making noise. They are just communicating with you. I don't think he buys that.

My two Frank's were gone for the last week of March, and the first few days of April.  They first went to Grande Prairie, picked up Cassierae and Ben, and took them to Drayton Valley, to Jamielee's place. They visited a whole lot of family and did some running around.

 They grabbed Maddie on the 2nd of April and the three of them took in the Farm and Ranch show in Edmonton. Frank was thinking of me while they were at the Farm and Ranch show. He bought me a set of sheets for our bed and some knives. I also sent Frank to the Real Canadian Wholesales, with a huge list. I absolutely love bulk buying! However, the kids and Frank don't!  I just laugh. They phoned me from the store. I just laugh!

While they were gone, my elderly neighbour, Ulla, (pronounced ooola) came over with two of her grand- daughters. The girls live in Grande Prairie, and Ulla wants to expose them a little bit to life on a farm. So, Ericka thought it would be neat to take pictures of Boots and her calf to show to her mom and dad.

Also, when the boys were gone, they went to Golden Spike Lumberyard in Spruce Grove, and came home with a trailer load of tongue and groove.  

For Frank Jr's room. I have been varnishing it for the past two days. 

And tongue and groove for the kitchen floor. (Please ignore the messy counter tops!)

So all the stuff out of Frank Jr's room, and my two cabinets from the kitchen now occupy that room. I don't have a name for this room. It is simply called, with a lot of affection "That Room". 

I know, what a mess. I feel like one of those people on Hoarders. Tomorrow, I will be done varnishing Frank   Jr's room, than I shall start on my kitchen floor. I wonder how much cooking and baking I can get out of once I start that project? Hmm? 

 I also cleaned the hen house and put hay into the nest boxes, while the guys were gone. No photos. Really, who would want to see that mess? 

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but Sunday night, there was ring around the moon. It was gorgeous! According to folklore, it means a change of weather for the worse. Yesterday it snowed. 

Last Tuesday afternoon, Frank and I took two yearlings to Johnny's in Grimshaw to be butchered. Next week we will have steaks on the barbie. All winter we have been eating pork, lamb and chicken. 
I broke down, and bought three beef steaks for supper. I think we are all deprived of beef. 

When we head down to Drayton on the 28th, I will take some beef for Liz and Sid. Why are we going back down? Maddie wants to come home for the weekend (she doesn't drive, and needs us to pick her up) to play with her horses, and to go to Ben's second birthday on the first. The plan is for her to hitch a ride back with Jamielee.

Well, I do believe that has been an earful. 
PS. my kids were nagging me to update my blog. Although they know all this stuff already, they wanted pictures!!

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