Friday, April 22, 2011

gimme some lovin

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feedin time

Babs and her girls

I phoned my grand-daughter, Austin, Wednesday evening. I told her that Babs had had her babies. Austin asked me what colours, and told her one was black and the other was white. She asked me if she could name them. I replied sure. Austin answers real fast "Ok, how about Blackie and Whitie?! Austin is quick like a whip and such a funny nine year old!! Can't wait to see her in June!
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salt lickin time

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things still need to get done, regardless of an injury

I am finding it extremely boring and frustrating, not being able to do things, that one takes for granted on a daily basis. I have learnt that even though I am right handed, I do a lot of things with my left hand. Frank has been giving me heck when he thinks that I am trying to hard to be to 'independent'. I have started to get myself dressed in the mornings. (Need to tell my girls, cover your eyes for this part. Sorry!) He was just-- molesting me too much!  I also had to start wearing sweat pants. I hate wearing them. But I was having a hard time to unbutton my britches! Pulling them up was proving difficult for me also.

Frank has been real helpful. He is such a wonderful, but pain in the ass, house bitch. However I cleaned the bathroom this morning and did a few loads of laundry. He did the dishes and vacuumed. He has been good about making meals. Tonight, though, they did the prep work and I did the cooking. 

The bruising in my hand is really start to show up. I am probably using it to much. I tried sewing on Frank Jr's curtains yesterday, that was a mistake. So I guess that project is on hold. I am still milking Misty, with one hand. She is starting to get a little impatient with me. A little bit more and more each day. My right hand is getting sore, with picking up the slack. I just might have to quit milking her.

When it comes to the rest of my chores, Frank is pretty good at helping out. However, I know he is getting a wee bit frustrated with the sheep part. Remember, Frank is bovine kind of guy!

Next week, not sure which day, but the shearers are suppose to be at the neighbours. Depending which day, they may have to come here. Frank is leaving on the 28th to go get Maddie for the weekend. I am suppose to go back to the hospital for another x-ray on the 29th. So next week should prove interesting.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

well, this is a first...

Last night as I went to put Lamb in the barn, I slipped and fell on the ice. Not even three feet from the house. It was like getting side swiped by a bowling ball. My left leg was swept out from underneath me, and I landed hard on my left hand. The pain was instant. I am usually a pretty tough ole gal. But the pain was unbearable. I was lying in the mud holding my left hand, crying like a new born babe!

I should of went right back into the house to get Frank. But he was visiting on the phone with Maddie, and I kept telling myself that I need to put Lamb to bed, and check on the babies. I cried all the way, holding my hand. Scared to see the damage--you know the worst things always go through your mind first. I already have 'arthur'-itis starting in my left hand, and I am thinking I have done it now! Still I continued to the barn having a wrestling match with my thoughts. "Head back to house. No. I need to put Lamb to bed."

It was strange, the dogs usually bark their brains out, and the ewes in the barn are calling out, making noise. But last night, they were all silent. It is like they knew I was injured.

When I finally made my way back to house, I called out to Frank. He told Maddie he had to go. I was trying real hard to sound 'normal'. It didn't work. He was thinking that one lambs got injured or had died. And yes, I would bawl over that. When he came to  the porch, he was kind off pissed off. Which I knew he would be. After 24 years, you get to know your mate pretty good. Before he could ask anything,  I told him I fell, and hurt my hand. 

We didn't go to the hospital last night. Manning has a part time doctor, and he is here only twice a week. I couldn't even ice my hand. I took some advil, put a wrist brace on it and went to bed.
Frank had to dress me this morning, it took awhile. Husband! I milked Misty, with one hand.

We headed to the town of Peace River to the hospital. 3 1/2 hours later and a few x-rays. This is what the doctor tells me, that I have a possible fracture of my Scaphoid bone.
Scaphoid bone

I am suppose to keep wearing my wrist brace, come back on the 29th to get another x-ray. The only thing that has come out of all of this, dishes, no peeling spuds, and anything else that requires two hands. But it also means no sewing, and no crochet. That sucks! Oh, except the milking. I will still have to do that. It is a good thing that Misty is relatively patient! Nope the men around here don't pull teats. Apparently, bovine teats are the wrong kind.

I will be hen-pecking my blog for the next few weeks. So please forgive me for any errors that I may have over looked.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

lambing is now officially over at Misty Meadow

Now these two little babes are just a few minutes old when I posted these.I am sure hoping the little black one is a girl!!

update: I'm so excited! and I just can't hide it! .....both babies are ewes!!

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vanilla extract

after two weeks

I am always investigating ways of saving money, you know being frugal or thrifty, going chemical free. And my favourite thought--why give your money to someone else for an inferior product? 

I came upon a recipe on how to make your own vanilla extract. Well, I have been wondering for years-- how does one do this? And for whatever reason three weeks ago, I stumbled upon the answer. Had I known it was so simple, I would have been doing this for years already!!  

All you need is about 10 vanilla beans split lengthwise, and a litre of vodka. My bottle didn't quite fit the litre of vodka (the bottle of vodka that Frank purchased for me was well over a litre. Don't worry the rest didn't go to waste!). You can just drop the split beans into the vodka. But the bottle that I wanted to use has a wire snap lid cork thing and a little decorative. Put the bottle in the dark for no less than three weeks and it just gets better with age. Like us women!! Gently shake the bottle once a week. The vanilla is suppose to be really good about the six month age. I also read, that you can reuse the same vanilla beans again. It just might take longer.

I got my vanilla beans from the  Vanilla Food Company. No I am not getting anything by endorsing this company. I used this company because they are Canadian and they took PayPal. 

I was impressed with my beans! They smelled yummy!!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

my little flock is growing....

Jitterbug and her lamb. Baabs-still waiting for her to lamb.

Ali Baba and her three. 

It is feeding time for Esmeralda's two babies.

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the dugout.... is already fuller now than this time last year. The level has come up almost double since the warmer temperatures have arrived. We have been planting trees since we moved here five years ago, they get watered constantly through the summer months. The dugout also supplies  water  for my vegetable garden, and the two cattle waterers. With the lack of rain and spring run-off the past two years, we were getting a bit worried about our water source.

Shyguy was giving Frank a heart attack for running on the dugout tonight. Just to the right in the photo,  is where the ice is the thinnest. The ice is the thinnest here because of the aeration unit.

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just two hours old!!

Jitterbug and her baby! A little ram.
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I guess the deck is a perfect place for sunbathing!

however the Franks' say "doesn't matter, I keel 'em all!"

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