Saturday, April 30, 2011


A while back I had mentioned about how we get our water to use in the house on the farm. Today I am doing laundry. We haven't hauled for a couple of weeks. Frank had set a tank up beside the house to catch the rain water, and Frank had been putting that into the house tank.

And now that tank is empty someone has to go get water.  Maddie said she would make waffles while Frank and I went to get water. 

Sometimes when you arrive at the water station, you have to wait in line. But it gives neighbours a chance to visit.

the Deadwood water station

Frank punching in our pin number, and how many litres we need.

 The green bomb has many uses. Today it is the water truck. 

Because the ground is pretty soft, Frank rigs up a pipe from here to ....

here. We have another turtle tank under the house.

There is talk about piping the water to all the farms in the Deadwood area, from the water station. It is suppose to cost each farm resident about $10,000.00. The County and the province are suppose to kick about that much. But our farm is not eligible. Why? The County would have to run the pipe three miles out of the way, to serve one family. And we have been told, if we wanted it, it would probably costs us double. But for now, it is all talk. So business as usual.

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Here are the girls, all 'naked' like.

Babs, did not get sheared yesterday. Babs is a Barbados, a hair breed of sheep.This breed has hair type wool, compared to the other  wool breeds. Basically means, that they don't need shearing. Frank would prefer me to raise a hair breed than a wool breed. He said it would save money, not having to shear. I gently remind him, yes it would, but than I would not get as much for the wethers at the market (hair breeds sell less per pound compared to the wool breeds) and I wouldn't get the wool to process. 
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my milking maid

Madeline comes home for a visit, and she is such a good kid, that has been milking Misty for me!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

a new home

Over the Easter weekend, Frank built a new doghouse for Goldie and the other Poms.

gotta love Frank's template for the opening!

it's beginning to look a like a doghouse

Lamb checking out the new digs.  I told him there was no room for him in the inn. 

Goldie in her new dog-dominium

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Today was a busy day. I had the shearers here first thing, this morning. Sorry no photos. The gang (my kids) wouldn't let me take pictures. 

Ali Baba after her shave

Maddie is home for the weekend. Frank and I went to Drayton Tuesday afternoon. We came home last night. Frank borrowed a three point hitch,  broad cast seeder from his dad. Plus he purchased some more wood. Yes! Finally! Things are going to happen this summer. Can hardly wait! Frank  bought some seed oats from his dad too.
I also had a good visit with Liz and Jamielee. Jamielee bought me Timmies! What a good treat!

We got a few hay bales delivered also today. So I never did make it to Peace River hospital for my follow up x-ray. I guess that is what I will be doing Monday.
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!!

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