Tuesday, May 17, 2011

forest fires

The smoke from the forest fires that we are having in the Peace Region along with the Lesser Slave area having been blowing in since Sunday. I think today is the worst of the smoke so far. The Lesser Slave is where the town of Slave Lake is located. It is really horrible and surreal with what is happening there. We are use to hearing stories of peoples homes going up in flames in California, but this is a first in Alberta. I haven't seen the evening news yet, but as of this morning, 40% of the town has gone up in flames.

On Sunday May 15, 2011 p.m., Northern Sunrise County Council  has declared a state of local emergency for the areas around Marten Lake and Little Buffalo due to a forest fire.  The communities of Red Earth and Loon lake have both received evacuation notices. The Northern Sunrise County is located near the Town of Peace River. And Peace River is an hour drive south of our farm. 

Imagine if you will, sitting around a campfire, and it doesn't matter where you sit, the smoke is always coming at you.  We have ash falling and it is collecting on the deck. Even inside the house with the windows closed, you can smell smoke. It is probably a good thing that none of us suffer from asthma. 

I wish I had a different camera that could capture the colour of the sky for you all. 

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