Friday, June 3, 2011

a week in photos

Last Saturday, Frank and I drove to Drayton Valley to go pick up Madeline. She booked a week off of work, so she could come home. She was missing her ponies more than she was missing us. 
Frank and I got into the Town of Peace River about 9 am. This is what it is was like from the farm to town. 

This is  lookin North, just before we crossed the Peace River.

This is climbing out of the Peace River valley headin South. There was heavy smoke like this all the way to Whitecourt. Whitecourt is about 3 1/2 hours drive south-east of the Town of Peace River.

We came home from Drayton Valley not only with a daughter but with my youngest grand-daughter, Olivia. Olivia is turning four on the 5th. Here I am introducing Liv to Lamb.

We 8-way (vaccinated) the sheep and the cows earlier this week. Here Auntie Maddie is holding one of the ewe lambs for Olivia to pet.

Getting ready to vaccinate the cows.

We sold all of the Simmentals two years ago. We don't have too many head left. We only had three calves this spring. Here Frank is 8-way two of them.

Liv, giving Goldie some lovins!

Liv on Georgia. Auntie Maddie promised her a horse ride.

The temperature has been extremely warm all week. Yesterday, Papa filled up the little pool for Olivia. He had to use the shop vac to keep pumping up the pool. He took advantage of having a 'weapon' in his hand, and blew water at Liv. 

The kittens are all getting big. They all think they own the joint!

Frank was working on his lattice.

Today we woke up to this. Snow. And -6! Moisture is moisture, according to Frank. I think my tomatoes are caput. It is suppose to get that cold again tonight! 
We have a saying here in Alberta. If you don't like the weather wait five minutes.
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