Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well I think I am done cutting the lawn until we get some sort of moisture. The grass crunches under my feet when I walk across it. There are dandelion stems with their fuzzy heads everywhere in the farmyard. Neighbours have commented "There are sure a lot of dandelions" I always reply "Yep! And my crop is doing exceptionally well this year. I had more than enough to make some wine."

On the 25th of June, our middle daughter, Cassierae is getting married. Her bachelorette party is on the 18th. We are heading to Grande Prairie, I am hoping early. I still haven't found anything to wear to her wedding. I hate shopping. If I could go in my flip flops or bare feet, a baggy t-shirt, and my favourite pair of jean capris, I would be happy as pig in shit. But she won't let me. Hubby says that I should wear a dress. Problem is I can't find one that suits my body, and makes me feel comfortable wearing it. I did find a dress, only to find out that mother of the groom bought the same one. So I sent that dress back! This is stressing me out! I don't like be stressed! I would rather stay home!!

If all goes well, and I happen to find some sort of sack to wear, than we are heading into British Columbia. On the 23rd, Jeff is meeting us in Quesnel so I can have Austin. Than make our back to Grande Prairie on the 24th for rehearsals. The wedding starts on Saturday at 1pm. Cassie couldn't get the JP any later, because she was booked solid. And we should be home the following day. I hope!!

I have asked and hired a local girl, Kaitlyn, to come check on the animals once a day. She would need to gather the eggs everyday, and feed the chickens. Plus there is the Poms that need to be fed, and all of these cats!!  I have only managed to give one kitten away! I still have 11 to go. Somehow, I don't see any of them leaving! And I mustn't forget about George! George will need feeding and watering while I am away.

We need to move the livestock around before we leave, too.  My sheep are running out of pasture, I am hoping what they have will last until Thursday. We will have to move the cows into the west field. That field is suppose to be a hay field, but I am going to have to use for pasture.  The sheep will be moved to the South Paddock. This also will make things easier for Kaitlyn to find the critters, and she won't have to go bush whacking to find the cattle. Jim, our closest neighbour was over this morning for a very interesting, and awesome visit!! Conversations/ discussions with Jim is always enlightening. I asked him if he wouldn't mind checking in while we were gone.

Frank is home tomorrow, so I think getting the camper on the truck is on the agenda. Than I get can it cleaned and stocked. This is going to be interesting. The camper is from the late 70's and the truck we bought last November is a dually. Should be very interesting getting the camper on!! I will try and take photos--I think a tractor is going to be involved!!!  That is the redneck way!!

I have been watering my veggie garden, and raspberry patch. Frank has been watering all the trees that we have been planting since we moved here, five years ago. We didn't bother to plant any trees this spring, because the trees would probably just die.

Next Thursday, Miss Dolly should be coming into her cycle. And I need to get her AI. I am going to have a busy week!!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

not much going on around here...

Saturday we headed back down to Drayton to return Olivia to her mama, and take Madeline back for she had to work on Monday. We spent the night at Liz's. We left about 10.30 am Sunday morning. 

When we got home later that evening, George was making a good ruckus.  He was letting me know, that his seed dish was empty.

George, the canary

Frank was busy yesterday: cutting the lawn, watering the trees, the  tomatoes, the herbs, and my flowerbed on the south side of the house. I was in the house most of the day doing woman's work. 

Today was on the cool side. I wanted to start a fire, but didn't want to go outside into the cold wind to the shed to get an armful of wood. Yeah, I guess I wasn't cold enough. I just put on a pair of wool socks, jeans, and a flannel shirt. The highest the mercury would go was 10 above and even the sun didn't want to shine. It was over cast most of the day. Did it rain. Hell no!! Frank was watering the rest of the trees this morning, that he never got to yesterday.

The two boys of mine are over at the neighbours finishing off Harry's deck. They are buidling the handrails for the stairs. Frank also wanted to reinforce the middle of the stairs. So whether I like it or not, I had to venture outside to gather the eggs earlier this evening. On my way to the henhouse, I looked over my garden. My peas, beets, onions, carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi, and the row of mixed flowerseeds are up. Last Thursday, even though the moon was in the wrong sign, I planted my cucumbers, sunflowers, corn, beans, parsely, dill,  squash, and swiss chard. It was probably a good thing, because Friday morning is when we had the snow, and we left on Saturday for Drayton Valley. On the 9th I will plant the rest of my garden. If the wind is not so strong tomorrow, I would like to get my pumpkins, watermelons, cauliflower, celery and cabbage transplanted into the garden. I will also like to plant more cucumbers.

I have my 'dandylion' wine fermenting. Boy does it smell gooooodddd!!! I can't wait to taste it!! I need to re-rack my potatoe wine. I got to much of the gunk from the bottom of the fermenting vessel in my bottle. I will wait to enlist Frank's help. 

I walked over to the corral to check on my sheep. Boy are those lambs growing fast!! Maddie took this picture of two ewe lambs when she was here. We decided to call the black ewe Claire, and her sister poking her face over the feeder Tess. I have made arrangements with Aaron, my neighbour who is an elderly cowboy, to purchase his three year old Dorset ram. So Rambo will be going to market soon. I  might purchase a few of Aaron's ewes off of him. I just haven't decided yet.  

Claire and Tess

Frank and I tossing around how we can swing purchasing 'new' used haying equipment. Our old haybine gave up the ghost last year. And Frank hasn't been able to make it to any farm auctions this spring. I told him if we were going to buy anything we need to do it quick. If we are lucky, we might be able to start haying in July.

 Last night he took a walk out to the alfalfa field and politely told me when he came in he told me "If we are lucky we might get 50 round bales off of that field."

"Oh!" I said. :So what you are telling me is, that we might have enough feed for 5 cows for the winter."

It better hurry up and rain!!!  Sometimes living on the land really bites!!!
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

birthday girl!!

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way."
Dr. Seuss

Happy fourth birthday!
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