Thursday, October 27, 2011

I haven't gone totally MIA!!

I am still here. Been busy, mostly!

Jamie and Brad had some older bedside tables, that I was itching to redo for them. I had already mostly stripped the one completely down, when I remembered that I should have a before photo.

Just need to add a couple more coats of wax, and they are already for the kids to take back home.

Madeline purchased a miniature donkey, who she named Eztio, for  my birthday. The lady gave her, for free, a miniature horse, whom we call Charlie. He was the only survivour of a wolf attack. Charlie didn't come away from the attack unscathed.  Charlie is a horse with no tail. The lady couldn't sell him, so she asked Maddie if she wanted him and of course, Maddie said yes!!
 Frank and I took this year's lamb crop to the auction in September, and we headed to Drayton Valley from there. The 'boys' spent a day and a night at Jamie and Brad's place.

Tayte, Eztio, and Olivia

Olivia came back with us to the farm for a week. During the time that she was here, I was doing chores over at the Walkers.  One of the chores that we had were bottle feeding a few baby lambs. Speckles was Olivia's baby to feed.

Jynx and Olivia.

I managed to get my rhubarb wine bottled. I just have my crab apple wine left to bottle.

Frank 'remade' over my store room. I simply ran out of room for all the jars that I had put up. Maddie was home for a week at Thanksgiving. So she helped me empty the shelving units that we had in there. Again, I am a shit head for not taking before photos.

Our garage is not heated, nor do I have a basement. If I did a lot of this stuff would not be in my store room.

This is over the deep freeze.

I manage to get most of the tomatoes up. I just got tomatoed out! (Is that a word?) I had made bar-b-que sauce, tomatoe sauce, pizza sauce, tomatoe juice, tomatoe soup, tomatoe paste, chili sauce, salsa sauce, canned tomatoes and I even dried some tomatoes!! I still had quite a bit of tomatoes left, and I fed them to the chickens! That was that! I had enough!

When we went to Drayton back in September, we made a trip to Edmonton.  I bought a 50 pound bag of cabbage (mine didn't grow well). My two boys, grated all but two heads (which I froze for cabbage rolls) for sauerkraut. 

 We got the yard all cleaned up for the winter. Bar-b-que, lawn chairs and all of my garden fairies put away into storage. Garden tilled under.Frank has gotten all the hay hauled home, and wood put up for me for the winter. Soon he will be heading off for camp. We have been fortunate so far this fall. No snow!! Yay!!! I don't want the white stuff until January. I know realistically that won't happen, but a girl can dream. It sure would make for a very short winter if it did happen.  

I just can't seem to fit 'blogging' in my day. I don't know if I should blog at the beginning, middle or the end of the day. Should I blog the next day about the day before? When do you all blog? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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