Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my little flock has grown

Off and on since spring, I have been 'babysitting' the Walker's farm. When ever they gone away, I have travelled the 14 miles round trip to do their chores. Which changed every time they asked me. I would never except any money. A thank-you always sufficed. But Aaron saw it differently. I have great respect for this man. I take his advice very seriously. I admire him. There is not very many people that I admire. But Aaron is definitely one of them. So, back in late August he told me, that he was giving me two ewes from his flock. When I told him that he didn't have to, he used that tone. I knew, there was no arguing with this seventy-one year old man. One October 29th, Bonnie and Aaron delivered the two ewes.

Aaron and Bonnie decided back in July, that it was time that Aaron, slowed down. The flock was getting sold. They sold the flock to a lady out west. She didn't want to purchase the ewe lambs. I inquired how much they wanted for ewe lambs. So I started thinking how could I buy a few. Frank gently reminded me, that when I sold my two wethers to the neighbour, I would have enough to purchase two lambs. Last Wednesday, after I had taken Frank to the hospital, we went to Aaron's and I ended up buying three. Frank, in all of his 'awesomeness', and even though we decided to pinch our pennies until he went back to work, he let me buy a third ewe lamb.

They are purebred Suffolk. Plus Aaron, gave me his oldest ewe. She is fifteen. He didn't want to sell her to the lady that was buying his flock. And he didn't think he get much for her in the auction. Secretly, I think he didn't want to ship her to the auction. She is extremely quiet. So my flock has doubled.

Later this week, I will be getting the girls ready for breeding season next month.
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