Tuesday, February 28, 2012

calving 101

You know how yesterday I was saying what signs that kindof let you know when a cow is getting ready to calve? Well if not, lets recap:

mushy  butt

udder getting big and tight

Than there is this. 
The tail in the air. 
At first you may think she is just doin her business. But upon further inspection-meaning there aint nothin comin out in line of fresh fertilizer. You know some monkey business is going to happen. 

I really do enjoy calving season. 
I like watching the new calves running around and jumping and playing with each other. Their curiosity. Their gorgeous big eyes.

But this is what I hate about calving season. 
One, the day was warm and sunny all day. Yeah to easy to calve during daylight hours. Nope! Gotta get busy with labour late in the day, because we are going to calve when it is dark out there! Which means, I have to mess with a spotlight. Ok. That part is okay. Because we finally have a spotlight. No messin around with no puny flashlight beam, that couldn't pick up the eyes of a mouse in the dark. No. But this spotlight could!

 Its. Dark. Out. There! 
You guessed it! Cheryl is afraid of the dark!!
 Hey, I even have a night light. Not in my bedroom though. But I do have a night light.
 No judging. 
Two, lets calve in the bush. 'Nuf said.
Three, lets calve in the dark!! Oh, I said that already.
Four, calve when I don't have anybody available to assist me, if I needed help.

I have to give her a bit of credit though. She did finally move out of the bush onto the bedding.

It is -5 out there. Clear sky. So the temperature might dip further. I am also hoping that she is going to lick the calf. She is softly mooing to it. So hopefully she mothers up. I put a call into the neighbour for advice, but no answer. I think Tuesday is hockey night. I will go out and check on her once more this evening, just to make sure the calf is up, and trying to suckle.

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  1. You mean your useless, er I mean, helpful dogs didn't, um, help?

    Hope everything's okay.

  2. Hi Liz

    Those 'helpful' dogs are fancy schmansy pomeranians. They belong to the husband. Honestly. I. Hate. Them. No they are not helpful. I try to keep them locked up in the house when I am with the livestock.

  3. Husband's pomeranians, lol. Some role reversal??

    Hope all is well with the newcomer, and glad to hear she didn't need assistance.

  4. Hi Jerry,

    The calf is doing exceptionally well considering the cold temps the past two days. I am concerned that his ears, and tail may have gotten frozen.

    As for the dog situation. I really want an aussie shepherd. I need a livestock dog, to help me with the sheep. The poms are a hazard. More so to my life. I have some ewes that try to charge the dogs, and of course the cowards have to run and hide behind me. I really do hate those dogs!