Monday, February 27, 2012

a name change

Today is the beginning of a new work week. Hubby is gone back to camp. He should be home late Friday evening. Maddie went home with Jamie, Brad and the kids, last Monday. Hopefully, she will be home by the third week in March. She plans on heading to Barrhead later this week, to visit LeeAnne, a school chum.
Young Frank has been at camp most of the fall and winter. He managed to be home last weekend for his sisters's visit. But now, he too, is gone.
That leaves just me, the dogs, and the cats to hold down the ponderosa. 
But really? 
I wonder how  useless helpful the dogs are really going to be.

Shy Guy and Nacho

I haven't  done any of the chores  this winter. 
No need to. Maddie was here. 
But now that it is just me, I am in charge. Oh! It has been a few years since it was just me. And I miss it!
But with a kid at home. I rather see her out there, than sitting in her room. 

But I relish, being in charge!!!

We have a Simmental heifer getting ready to calve. How do we tell? Well. I am glad you all asked.

 I took pictures. To help explain. 

This is the heifer in question. A heifer is a first time calfer. She will be two years old this spring. We don't know exactly what day she will calve, but we know she is getting close. There are tell-tale signs.

Such as:

what we like to call 'mushy butt'.

For comparison, here is Miss Dolly's butt. 

Can you notice the difference? The heifer's butt is all fleshy, swollen and Miss Dolly's isn't.

Another way of us telling:

Her bag (udder) is starting to fill out and get tight.

 When she gets closer to calving she will start acting 'stupid'. Well, that is what we call it. She will be off by herself. Sniffing the ground. Laying down, getting up.Over and over. Than you know the birthing isn't to far off.

I love calving season.

But I told this heifer, she would have to wait until Saturday when Frank is home to calf. This way if there is any problems, Frank can deal with it.

Wondering what the name change is? Well, since I am the only person here. I was thinking I should call  the farm, 
"The Lone Woman Ranch". 
What do you all think?

ps: I have now finished 57 of the frames and foundations

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