Saturday, February 25, 2012

wax versus plastic

My blogging friend Jerry, planted a thought and got me thinking about the choice of my foundations.

traditional wax foundation

 I have done a little bit of research and it is basically boils down to is this--preference. 

I found this forum, and this forum, and this blog . All discussing the pros and cons of beeswax foundations versus the plastic foundations.

The foundation that I received is called  'Permadent Plastic Foundation (waxed)'.

There are so many different types of frames and foundations out there. Here are a fcouple that I found.
  Pierco Drone Comb Frame and Foundation

3/4 Depth Pierco Plastic Frame and Foundation (waxed)

Not that I even thought about this prior to Jerry's concern. But I now feel that I am better educated on the different types of foundations that are available out there. This year is definitely going to be a learning experience with my bees.

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  1. Wow, I'm glad I asked the question! I was worried that the brief comment might have seemed more like criticism than it was meant, but I am pleased to have inspired some research that will save me time when I can finally get around to starting a colony. Good for you, and thanks for the information!

  2. Oh, and thanks for the information that you emailed to me as well. Much appreciated!

  3. Hi Jerry

    That thought never even crossed my mind! I took your comment as an honest inquiry which just got me thinking-in between building frames-and I just started 'googling' for answers! I love google!!

    No worries!!!