Friday, March 23, 2012

condos are ready for occupancy

I have all three hives now ready for my tiny important pollinators that will become part of my 'livestock'.

The names that I ended up using to dub my hives are:

My son is into the sixties muscle cars. The '69 Charger being is fav. He gave me this suggestion.

I started calling young Frank OB1. O-for oil. He works for a company that contracts itself out to the oil industry. B-because he is a boy. Although he is 19. But all mamas know, boys are always boys, even when they are full grown. 1-one-well he is my only boy! Young Frank also suggested this one.

Now the hubby suggested this one. He kind of gets on my nerves, and I am always telling him to 'Leave me be'!!

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