Tuesday, March 20, 2012

glorious trees...

A few weeks back, Frank and I were discussing trees as we flipping through the newest catalogue of Saskatoon Farm.  Shelterbelt trees to be exact. Where we currently reside, we are pretty much in the open. When the wind decides to blow from the west-southwest, there is nothing to slow it down. And sometimes those winds are so strong, you swear it will lift the roof off of the house.

I was telling my dear friend, Shannon this. She suggested to see if there is a shelterbelt program avaliable through the local agriculture office. In my case that would be North Peace Applied Research. I don't happen to like the lady that runs this outfit. So I let my pride rule. 

Today in the mail, I received an application form for Farmstead/Acreage Tress through the Alberta Shelterbelt Program. I love when things work out for me. I put an order in, for Lombardy Poplar (pictured below), and Manitoba Maples. 


Just about anybody can get trees: farms, acreages, commercial enterprises, municipalities, golf courses, resort areas, woodlots and urban landowners. 

There are all sorts of  tall trees, hedges/fruit, mid-size trees, and evergreen trees to choose from.

 If you are need of trees, check your area and see if there is such a program available to you. 

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  1. Your photo unconsciously reminded me of my favourite series of paintings by Monet with poplars :)