Friday, March 30, 2012

it's a girl

As you all know, my second oldest girl, Cassierae, is having a baby. Baby is due on the 18th of April. Cassierae has been experiencing some contractions for the past few days. I keep telling her quit jumping the gun, you still have three weeks to go. But she is anxious. Not because she is tired of being pregnant. Well there is that. But. Because the ultra-sound a couple of weeks ago told her, she is having a girl!!! Cassierae is super excited. This baby will be my fourth grand-daughter, and my sixth grand-child. Cassierae has a son already. Ben. So this will complete her little family. 

Since finding out that Cassierae and Mike are expecting a daughter, I have been busy sewing a few little outfits for the latest family member. Frank has told me, not to sew any more outfits in case I jinx something.

I just wanted to share with you that news, and show you the tiny little outfits that I have made.

a little dress, and a 2-piece summer top and shorts

a little summer top, with a criss-cross back, and a one piece jump suit

I was making a pair of shorts out of blue jeans to go with the orange top. Just need to finish them. 

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