Saturday, March 17, 2012

name game

I have managed, albeit, a little behind schedule, to get all my supers built, and painted with a coat of paint.

I know they are a green. Apple Jack green. Frank told me I wasn't allowed to purchase any paint, and that I had better start using some of the cans up.
 My two choices of outdoor paint were this shade of green or a pink.

When I was 'assembling' my supers, I glued where it needed, and I used 2 1/4 inch galvanized nails. All the holes were pre-drilled.

From everything I have read, you are not suppose to paint the inside of the supers.
But there is a great debate about painting the outside though.
Some say use a latex, others says use an oil based, others say let the supers weather naturally.
Also I have read that traditionally, the hives are white, especially in the southern States-to help keep the hives cooler in the summer. Also, the northern States have a tendency to go a darker green-to help keep the hives warmer in winter. Again, this all might come down to preference. But everyone seems to agree, that you don't paint the inside and you need let it cure before you add the bees.
There isn't to much information for my neck of the woods. So I am  going to wing it!! 

I am going to indulge in my eccentric side, and name my hives.
The boys want me to name the hives 'Super Bee', 'Apple Bee', and 'O Bee One'.
Maddie gave me three ladies names from Shakespeare's plays: 'Ophelia' 'Titania', and 'Cordelia'.

What say all of you?

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  1. Compromise with Super Bee, O Bee One, and Titania (a little lighter than the other two Shakey Ladies).

  2. Aren't most of the ladies of 'Shakey's' a little screwy upstairs? Titania was a little less so! lol

  3. I like the names the boys suggested, more fun.

  4. Since they 'transform' nectar to honey, how about Bumblebee? Optimus Prime would be proud.