Thursday, March 1, 2012

oh, Charlie!

Nacho and Charlie

We only start the tractor once a week for feeding. Frank feeds in several areas, so all we have to do, is open gates and move the girls to the next feeding spot. We haven't fed cattle in a corral for almost 15 years. We  feed them in the pastures, and hay fields throughout the winter. Put the manure out on the fields where it belongs from the get go. No need to hire somebody to clean corrals come spring.

With a calf being born Tuesday evening, I've had to re-juggle the feeding schedule. I skipped a pasture, that is the farthest away from the house. I didn't want a newborn calf that far from home. Harold's Mess, is what we call that pasture, is on the back half of the home quarter. They were suppose to be fed in Harold's Mess yesterday, instead they were fed in the South paddock.  Today they got fed in the West field- which was suppose to be, tomorrow's feeding. The corral is adjacent to the south paddock and the west field. We put a temporary fence up last fall, going out on an angle in the west field to the cow shed that is there. The corral, the temporary fence and shed are for the minis, the weanlings, and for my sheep. 

As the cows were walking through the gate from the South paddock into the West field, Charlie was having a spaz attack. He was running up and down the fence line. He was adamant that he was going get a closer look at this calf. See. Charlie is going on six, and this is the first time in his life, that he has seen a calf! And Charlie was trying desperately to get through the page wire fence. Oh, the page wire fence isn't small. The 'squares' are probably about two feet. Charlie was poking his head through the page wrie, and straining to get a better look. I thought it was quite cute really. To see this tiny little horse trying with all his might, to get a closer look. He reminded me of those chicks going nuts for the Beatles! Minus the screaming though! And I didn't have the camera! Holding head down in shame.

When I went out and did evening chores, I found Charlie still at the fence line watching this calf!! Poor Charlie!!

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  1. Oh boy, that is hilarious! wish I coulda seen that! What a silly little horse. Gomer.