Saturday, March 24, 2012

parts of the hive

I thought that I would share the cost of my hives and the parts of the hives. 

The style of hives that I am using is called a Langstroth or a Standard Hive. Another type of hive is called a Top Bar Hive. Maybe one day, I will give this type a try.

The very board that the hives are sitting on is called the bottom board. This is waxed. I didn't think I was suppose to paint, so I left it alone. This board does not sit directly on the ground. You need a hive stand. You can either purchase them, or build your own. I plan on putting my hives on cider blocks.

Of course each one of these 'boxes' is called a super. But where the name changes is when it houses the brood. The super than is called the hive brood. So two of these supers, per hive, will become the hive brood.

This is an inside shot of the what will become the hive brood. Right now I have 8 frames, and a frame feeder installed. 

Here is a closer look at the frame feeder.

It is made from a more heavy duty plastic. And it hangs inside the super.

This board sits inside the frame feeder. The white mesh 'tubes' are called ladders.You insert them through the bottom of the board. The board is pre-drilled. The ladders are for the bees to feed from and to cling to, so they don't drown in the syrup. Some beekeepers use pieces of wood floating around on the surface of the syrup.

Each feeder comes with three O-rings, that get stretched from one side to the other. There are tabs for the O-rings to clip onto. You are suppose to use flat head tacks-which I don't have any at the moment. What  I don't like about these frame feeders-and I haven't used them yet-is that you have to constantly open up the hive to check the feeder. Every time you open the hive you are disrupting the bees's routine. I am most likely going to get a Boardman Feeder. These sit outside the hive, and are easier to view and to check. However, there are pros and cons to everything. Again, it comes down to preference.

 When the supers are about 2/3 full, it is time to put on the honey supers. But you don't want the queen laying eggs in the honey combs. This metal looking thing is called a queen excluder.

This board is called the winter/inner cover. It sits on the very top super, underneath the hive cover.

The prices for my three hives, (minus the nails, glue, and paint,) and including the gst, was $512.68. 

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  1. Awesome. Does that cost include the bees?

  2. Hey Jerry! No the price does not include the bees. Part of me is scared to find out the price!!! I am phoning tomorrow to see if they have the 'list' ready for pick-up dates. I shall inquire about price and let you all know.