Friday, March 30, 2012

seed starting

Yesterday, I started some tomatoes. I planted romas, brandwines, and another type of beef steak. All the tomaotes that I started are heirlooms. I use peat pellets. I have had the best success using them.

just add water...

and they swell (sorry for the blurriness)

I usually plant three seeds per pellet. And transplant the strongest one of the three.

Towards the beginning of March, I started some peppers. 

I use either my fingers to dig them out of the cells, or a plastic fork.

And once they got their first true leaves, it was time for transplanting. I also try to plant the seedling to the bottom of its lower leaves.

I started these peppers using a mix of peat moss and vermiculite. I also started yesterday, some herbs, petunia wave-which is first for me. So we will see how they grow. Towards the end of April-depending of the moon phase-I want to try and start some pumpkins, and cantaloupe first. I have always planted straight into the garden with minimal success. 

I had an elderly lady a few years back give me her stand with growing lights. Her son made it for her when he was a teenager. Shirley is in her seventies.

So this is a first for me. I have never used grow lights before. 

I have also never started lettuce before. So I did a flat of mix leafy lettuce. I am hoping I can just transplant those straight into the garden and get a jump on it.

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  1. I just discovered the pellets, too. I've planted some basil. Using the little plastic cover/greenhouse, they popped right up! I've got to transplant those tomorrow to a bigger pot. I've not tried tomatoes or lettuce. Maybe some day...

  2. I have had the most success with tomatoes. It is just everything else that I have problems with!! :D