Thursday, April 19, 2012

bee buzz

This morning, Frank plowed the snow from an area where we are going to temporarily keep the bees until the big move. We figured it would melt quicker if the snow was removed. And it did. A beekeeper that I found, out in Spirit River, told me that bees get disoriented in the snow. So we thought this would help them orientate themselves. 

 We removed all the insulation from the hives. We left the hives intact and on the board-walk. Let me tell you, they were heavy!!! We moved them out from along side the house and to the spot where Frank had cleared. It  is only a few feet away from the house on the East-South East side of the house. When I look out through my kitchen or living room window I can see the hives.

 We also unblocked the entrance. It took the bees about four hours before they started getting busy outside their hives. O Bee One was the slowest to get active. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday, I will have a look inside to make the sure the queen is out of her package.

O Bee One

Leave Me Bee

Super Bee

On the new farm, we will find a special place for the bees, and place the hives, if you can imagine, in an "S" configuration. It helps them more to find their own hives, and I believe that it would be less crowded that way. It will also give me a bit more space to work around them.

And on the farm front. I had another set of twins today. Both of them are ewes. And it was not Freckles. It was Ali Baba. Also, Boots had a bull calf. So, I think the next one to calve will be Annie. And Freckles should be the next one to lamb. I don't think she can get any bigger. I wonder if she has a set of triplets in there?

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  1. Love the name of your beehives. It's no wonder you wanted bees, you're as busy as one!