Saturday, April 7, 2012

little ewe

The little ewe has made wonderful strides. I hope I am not being premature with this. She is so much stronger today than yesterday. Plus she is peeing alot, and pooping. Always a good sign!! With her always getting out of her laundry basket, I had to moved her in with Poms. I am sure all four of them were thinking "Not again!"

Goldie is such a good mama. 
She herself had seven litters of pups. Big litters. She always had six or seven puppies per litter. Which is a lot for a pom.
She has been washing the ewe's face and her butt!! I just provide the milk and some lovin. My mothering skills do not extend to the south end of the ewe.

I took her outside for a bit this afternoon. 

I don't think she liked the snow to much. Shy Guy was watching over her.

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  1. So adorable! And lucky you to have an adoptive mummy who takes care of 'south end' chores!

  2. Goldie will even 'babysit' the grand babies!! She is very special member of the family!