Saturday, April 7, 2012

moon and camera

This was the full moon this morning at 6.36 am. Going down over the South Paddock.

Been trying to convince Frank that I need a new camera. Why? Because my current one is not very good for trying to take a better quality of a photo. Look at the above photos or any other ones that I have taken.
 I have had my tiny little camera now, for about seven years. It is a R717 HP Photosmart. 


It has served its purpose. But I have noticed, since I started blogging, that the quality of some of the photos that I take, are really lacking depth. It is hard to take an evening shot or an early morning shot, without having 'double' exposure. To take the moon shots, I ended up placing a chopped log from the wood box in an open window-minus the screen-to finally get two relatively decent pictures of the full moon out of the twenty I took. Meanwhile, it was sinking further down behind the trees.

I so want a new camera. Maybe something like this one.

Nikon COOLPIX 16.1 MP Digital Camera (P510) - Red

Cassierae says she would sell me her camera. She has had hers for about two years, and wants to upgrade. She said her camera would be perfect for me. And it is similar to this one.

 But the hard part is trying to convince Frank. Sometimes he is such a stick in the mud!

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