Monday, April 9, 2012


Frank gave a handle to the lamb. He calls her Kelly. Maybe after an old girlfriend?

The little ewe lamb is doing much better. I had to change her nipple. She didn't care for these black nipples.

They slip over a bottle-we use a beer bottle or you can use a 591 ml pop bottle. Trust me these type of nipples are hard to slip over a bottle. I have spilt plenty of milk, fighting to get the nipple over the rim.

She kept spitting the nipple out or just taking a few sucks. So I tried her on these other nipples that I have.

These are called  Pritchard Flutter Valve Teat. It screws onto a pop bottle. I am using 591ml water bottle. It also has a air hole on top. She seems to be doing so much better with this nipple. 
 Once she gets bigger, and out grows the Pritchard,  I will have to use the rubber black nipple. But hopefully by than, she won't mind it to much.

We have been taking the lamb outside with us every time we go out to do chores. She follows us everywhere.   It is kind of cute. Just have to get use to keep looking down. 

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  1. Cheryl had a little lamb...

    I suppose you are hearing that a lot.

  2. Too cute!

    Maybe put a bit of something sweet on the outside of the nipple when you have to switch to the black ones?

  3. Hi Jerry...actually Maddie was singing 'Maddie had a little lamb...'

    Hi Jacqueline..I am hoping that once she gets older that I can get her drink from a pail...I know you can do it with calves, I just never heard of anybody doing that with a lamb!