Friday, April 13, 2012

oh the weather outside is frightful....

Well the boys headed down to the Edmonton area earlier this afternoon. Sure hope the roads are good. Been snowing all day. Ugh!! It is suppose to stop sometime tomorrow. 

When I was out checking the girls earlier I took some pictures with my new camera. Yep. The hubby let me buy Cassie's camera off of her.  

Miss Dolly will be calving for the first time this spring.

Annie, should be calving soon.

Freckles will probably be the next one to lamb.

Hoping the snow is gone and it is warmer when I install the bees either Monday or Tuesday evening.

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  1. Lovely pics!

    Sorry about the snow, though. :(

  2. There is about a foot of snow out there!! Enough said!

  3. I really enjoyed all the pictures, minus the snow, sorry about that! Hope it's gone soon. April is always a fun month for weird storms and snow sometimes too. Love the bees!

  4. Today the sun is shining, and the snow is starting to melt. It is weird, yesterday dressed like an Eskimo, today out there without the parka, and toque but still had to the winter boots!!

  5. It's not fair - snow again! It's almost summer :)

  6. This is typical Spring weather for Alberta.