Wednesday, April 4, 2012

protective gloves

Frank's late grandfather had kept bees for years. Not once did he use protective clothing! One day, I hope to be like that. But for now, I am a chicken-shit. I was perusing Bee Maid's website looking at the protective gear.  I was telling Frank that I would need two pair of these gloves.

These are Cowhide gloves and they sell for $18.95. The goat skinned gloves sell for $22.25. 
Frank politely tells me that I don't need to buy those. Why? Because you can make them. So I silently said, 'GRRRRRR!!!!!!' 

I bought a cloth drop-cloth a while back for another project, so I used just enough for two sets of gloves. I went looking for a matched pair of ladies work gloves and I made Maddie and I each a pair of gloves.

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  1. I got gloves like that when I started beekeeping, and used them exactly twice. They were so thick I couldn't feel anything, and kept crushing bees inadvertently.

    I ended up using either a pair of dishwashing gloves (yellow), or a pair of nitrile medical gloves (thinner). Then I graduated to no gloves at all, depending on the attitude of the bees.

    You may find the same. It's a great feeling when you can work the bees gloveless!

  2. I love the idea of not wearing any protection at all when working with the bees. But I am no fool. I know that will come in time...with confidence.