Wednesday, April 4, 2012

somebody is counting wrong

For the past few days, I having been feeling under the weather. 
Last Thursday, Maddie and I went for a two hour bare-back horse ride. Friday morning I felt that ride. My lower back reared it's ugly head and bit me. I could still get around, but I was walking a wee bit funny. 
Late Saturday afternoon, I got Maddie's head cold. Now that knocked me for a loop! As a rule I don't get sick. Between an aching hip and not being able to breathe, I hadn't slept much.  Today I am actually feeling a bit better.
 However, my nose is so red, I could take over for Rudolph! 

Since Sunday was April Fool's Day, Frank was telling us over breakfast that there was an ewe lambing out there. I looked at him and told him he was full of shit. That I wasn't due to start lambing until the 12th. But later that day, he popped his head into the house and told Maddie and I that there was ewe there that had two babies beside her. Again I told him he is wrong. "Then what is that?" was his reply. I crawled off of the sofa, got my coat and boots on, and headed out the door. As I walked closer to the corral, I had to admit he was right. Which, by the way, I hate doing. But I don't understand. Sunday was only 128 days from when I put Lawrence in to join the women. The gestation period for sheep is anywhere from 140 -150 days.

But pictures don't lie.

Missus and her babies, a ram (left) and a ewe (right).

I guess I better do some re- researching on the gestation of sheep, because I had another set of twins yesterday.

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