Saturday, April 7, 2012

starting over....again

I haven't shared this with you all yet. But I guess I better do it now.

 Last November, Frank and I sold our land here at Deadwood. We still own our home quarter, and it is currently listed with a real estate agent. Frank hasn't been happy since the second year we moved here and we have been here at Deadwood for six years. 

I don't why. I believe it is along the lines of 'middle-aged crazy' -ness. I should be thankful that he hasn't traded me in for a twenty-something-year old, and a Ferrari!!

We purchased a place with a smaller house, and six quarters of land. The land has re-growth, but I told Frank who cares. We will start with the home quarter, do a bit each year. And if it doesn't get all cleared before we die, it can be the kids's headache! 
I also told Frank this is the last time I am moving. If he ever mentions moving again, I will pack his bags, and he would be the one that is moving. And yes I told him that to his face , but I added a couple of cuss words for emphasis.

We get possession of our new place on May 1st. There is no panic to move out of this house, because there is no new owners moving in. Since spring is a slow time for Frank at work, he will have plenty of time to build fences,  and paddocks for the livestock. We don't have a clean up job like we did when we move onto this place. Pretty much a turn key operation. Well not 100%. When these folks had their farm auction a few years back they sold all the panels that made up the stalls in the barn. The lady hasn't had a garden in a few years too. So I will be starting again from scratch. 

I have some photos taken in February, that I will share.

We plan on building a porch, roofed deck, and better stairs on the east side (right side of photo). From the front door heading west we plan on building a wrap around deck, with a roof. The fence in front will be gone. We will in the future up-grade all the windows, and put a log siding on the house. 

The barn. It is heated, cement floor and has water. Bonus!!! Just needs some stalls. 
Look at how deep that snow is!!

The garage. It is heated also, but has a dirt floor. We plan on putting a cement floor in.

There are other outbuildings, which will find new purposes. 
There is a dugout which has been very well maintain. So no more hauling water! I can do laundry when I want. I can have a shower when I want! I can even have a bath!!! I haven't had one of those in six years!!!!

 The house, garage, and the barn are heated with natural gas. No more wood burning. Which I am going to miss. Frank isn't. However, when we build a mud room/porch onto the house, there will be a wood stove in there. Just in case.
We have a bunch of other plans, which I shall share as we go along.
 I do like adventures. 
It's just I am getting a bit to old to be starting over. Again. 
I was 25 when we bought our first farm. Forty-one going on forty-two when we bought Deadwood. Now I am going on forty-eight. 
And trust me. 
This ole hen isn't a spring chicken anymore!!

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  1. Wishing you all the best with this upcoming move. I agree about the moving part. I just don't have it in me to start over again. Maybe if we have to downsize. That I can see happening. Keep us posted with your changes. Much Love.

  2. All the very best. We have the "retirement and moving" discussion at least once a week. I would love to have less work but the thought of moving.........I can't even imagine all the work that would be.

  3. Good luck to you! I know it's difficult to start over. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to following your move and your settling in in the new place.

  4. Frank knows that I will never ever 'retire' into town. My spirit is tied to the land. But I would love to stay in one spot long enough to see the trees that I planted hit maturity!!

    Thank you ladies for the well wishes!

  5. Best of luck to you; moving is difficult...especially with critters...but I know you'll rise to the challenge!

  6. Last time we moved Jacqueline, it was 5 1/2 hours away. We hired a professional to move our cattle, and horses. He took 8 hours to get here. He was stopping every hour. Which really impressed us. We travelled in a convoy. There was three vehicles. This time around, we are only moving about an hour away. Cows might be two trips, depending how many calves there are at the time of their move. Sheep one trip, than the horses. The chickens will probably moved in a kennel. It is going to be interesting to say the least!!

  7. Best of luck on the move. Our move last July is definitely the last, but it was from one country to another, now it is time for us to stay put and see everything we have planted grow. Well that's the hope but in our 60's now so we might not see the trees mature.

  8. Phew, my first 10 years off the farm I moved a lot but it wasn't so bad with just a few things. Hard to imagine moving a whole farm every few years. I hope this one goes smoothly for you and is the last move, as you wish.

    We're in the process of trying to sell what is left of the home farm as well. There have been 3 generations where we are now though, so the logistics of moving are almost unfathomable. And between now and then some semblance of a plan for the future must be made...ugh.

  9. It takes a little bit coordination to move a farm. I am hoping I will be done lambing than, but not calving.

    The first year here, I totally forgot about a garden. Time just flew by with all the cleaning we were doing, along with everything else. Frank didn't live with us for the first two months. I think that might be a repeat again!

    I just despise moving. Did to much growing up. WE moved 6 times before I was 18! Frank was fortunate. He lived in one spot until we bought the first farm. I tease and tell him he is making up for lost time in his forties!