Saturday, April 7, 2012


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little ewe

The little ewe has made wonderful strides. I hope I am not being premature with this. She is so much stronger today than yesterday. Plus she is peeing alot, and pooping. Always a good sign!! With her always getting out of her laundry basket, I had to moved her in with Poms. I am sure all four of them were thinking "Not again!"

Goldie is such a good mama. 
She herself had seven litters of pups. Big litters. She always had six or seven puppies per litter. Which is a lot for a pom.
She has been washing the ewe's face and her butt!! I just provide the milk and some lovin. My mothering skills do not extend to the south end of the ewe.

I took her outside for a bit this afternoon. 

I don't think she liked the snow to much. Shy Guy was watching over her.

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starting over....again

I haven't shared this with you all yet. But I guess I better do it now.

 Last November, Frank and I sold our land here at Deadwood. We still own our home quarter, and it is currently listed with a real estate agent. Frank hasn't been happy since the second year we moved here and we have been here at Deadwood for six years. 

I don't why. I believe it is along the lines of 'middle-aged crazy' -ness. I should be thankful that he hasn't traded me in for a twenty-something-year old, and a Ferrari!!

We purchased a place with a smaller house, and six quarters of land. The land has re-growth, but I told Frank who cares. We will start with the home quarter, do a bit each year. And if it doesn't get all cleared before we die, it can be the kids's headache! 
I also told Frank this is the last time I am moving. If he ever mentions moving again, I will pack his bags, and he would be the one that is moving. And yes I told him that to his face , but I added a couple of cuss words for emphasis.

We get possession of our new place on May 1st. There is no panic to move out of this house, because there is no new owners moving in. Since spring is a slow time for Frank at work, he will have plenty of time to build fences,  and paddocks for the livestock. We don't have a clean up job like we did when we move onto this place. Pretty much a turn key operation. Well not 100%. When these folks had their farm auction a few years back they sold all the panels that made up the stalls in the barn. The lady hasn't had a garden in a few years too. So I will be starting again from scratch. 

I have some photos taken in February, that I will share.

We plan on building a porch, roofed deck, and better stairs on the east side (right side of photo). From the front door heading west we plan on building a wrap around deck, with a roof. The fence in front will be gone. We will in the future up-grade all the windows, and put a log siding on the house. 

The barn. It is heated, cement floor and has water. Bonus!!! Just needs some stalls. 
Look at how deep that snow is!!

The garage. It is heated also, but has a dirt floor. We plan on putting a cement floor in.

There are other outbuildings, which will find new purposes. 
There is a dugout which has been very well maintain. So no more hauling water! I can do laundry when I want. I can have a shower when I want! I can even have a bath!!! I haven't had one of those in six years!!!!

 The house, garage, and the barn are heated with natural gas. No more wood burning. Which I am going to miss. Frank isn't. However, when we build a mud room/porch onto the house, there will be a wood stove in there. Just in case.
We have a bunch of other plans, which I shall share as we go along.
 I do like adventures. 
It's just I am getting a bit to old to be starting over. Again. 
I was 25 when we bought our first farm. Forty-one going on forty-two when we bought Deadwood. Now I am going on forty-eight. 
And trust me. 
This ole hen isn't a spring chicken anymore!!

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moon and camera

This was the full moon this morning at 6.36 am. Going down over the South Paddock.

Been trying to convince Frank that I need a new camera. Why? Because my current one is not very good for trying to take a better quality of a photo. Look at the above photos or any other ones that I have taken.
 I have had my tiny little camera now, for about seven years. It is a R717 HP Photosmart. 


It has served its purpose. But I have noticed, since I started blogging, that the quality of some of the photos that I take, are really lacking depth. It is hard to take an evening shot or an early morning shot, without having 'double' exposure. To take the moon shots, I ended up placing a chopped log from the wood box in an open window-minus the screen-to finally get two relatively decent pictures of the full moon out of the twenty I took. Meanwhile, it was sinking further down behind the trees.

I so want a new camera. Maybe something like this one.

Nikon COOLPIX 16.1 MP Digital Camera (P510) - Red

Cassierae says she would sell me her camera. She has had hers for about two years, and wants to upgrade. She said her camera would be perfect for me. And it is similar to this one.

 But the hard part is trying to convince Frank. Sometimes he is such a stick in the mud!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

sheep business

Yesterday Edmonton, which is about a six hour drive from us got 25 cm of snow dumped on them. We also had a snow warning/watch for our area. Hoping that as usual the weather folks were wrong. But unfortunately they were right this time.

earlier this week, this same spot was depressing!

We received close to a foot of this white stuff!! I am getting a wee bit tired of winter. But this is springtime in Alberta. Last year we had about the same amount of snow, but only it was May. That heavy wet snowfall did some damage to the trees.

When I went to do the evening chores yesterday at six, there was Esmeralda lambing. That is 133 days. I don't get this. Everything I have read said gestation can vary anywhere from 138 days to 159 days. I don't recall Lawerence  jumping the que. The only way I am going to know for sure, is to purchase a ram harness. Then I would know for sure what day they got bred instead of just counting forward from the date I introduce the ram in for breeding.

Granny and her ram and ewe lamb

Granny's two lambs jumping and a hopping around. These little ones were born April 3rd.

Esmeralda had a set of twins. 
That is my third set.

 The ewe lamb wasn't doing so well. She is so much smaller than her brother. When I found them in the snow, she wasn't really breathing. With a bit of rubbing and gentle shaking, I managed to get her breathing again. It also took me a bit of coaxing to get Esmeralda to come into the barn. 
 Bringing the ewe lamb in the house was a no brainer. Frank ended up bringing me the ram lamb about fifteen minutes later, and said he needs to be warmed up. 
After about an hour I took the ram lamb back to his mama, and helped him stand and to suckle. I milked a bit of colostrum from Esmeralda for the ewe lamb. I ended up keeping the ewe lamb in the house for the night. I half expected her to be dead when I awoke at 6. But she must be a fighter!
At morning chores, I tried to re-introduce her to her mama, but Esmeralda just head bunted her away. Too much time had elapsed. The tiny little ewe had been rejected.
So. I now have a bottle baby. In the house. Again.

this is Esmeralda's little ram lamb

I have chided myself for not going out sooner. Even 10-15 minutes sooner would have made a difference. 

Maddie and her dad have headed into Peace River to go to Peavey Mart for me. I have no lamb milk re-placer. Poor lamb. I have been feeding her a mixture of evaporated milk, butter, and corn syrup. Every two hours. But now have ran out of evaporated milk. Esmeralda won't let me milk her. I could get 'rough' with her, but she is one of my tamest ewes and I don't want to make her wild. So I didn't push the issue. I am fortunate she let me milk her as much as I did last night. Thankfully the ewe lamb got that colostrum. Her last couple of feedings have been a mixture of 2% milk, Frank's coffee cream, corn syrup and butter.  Which I know probably isn't the best for her. 

She finally has her sea legs

I have a sneaking suspicion that she is pre-mature. Her skin is wrinkly, and she doesn't seem to have as much wool on her as all the other lambs. Plus, around her eyes, she almost looks like an albino.

sunning herself

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

mark it on your calendars!

Carol gave me a call today. The fella from Grimshaw cancelled his order for his 100 hives. She felt bad. I told her no worries, because it just happens to be a good thing. The boys were talking about taking a trip to Edmonton for parts. Carol told me what days were available, 
*drum roll*
APRIL 16th the day!!
 I can finally mark it on my calendar!!! 
Young Frank just doesn't know about yet. He is at work! We are such good parents, planning his days! bwhahaha!

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somebody is counting wrong

For the past few days, I having been feeling under the weather. 
Last Thursday, Maddie and I went for a two hour bare-back horse ride. Friday morning I felt that ride. My lower back reared it's ugly head and bit me. I could still get around, but I was walking a wee bit funny. 
Late Saturday afternoon, I got Maddie's head cold. Now that knocked me for a loop! As a rule I don't get sick. Between an aching hip and not being able to breathe, I hadn't slept much.  Today I am actually feeling a bit better.
 However, my nose is so red, I could take over for Rudolph! 

Since Sunday was April Fool's Day, Frank was telling us over breakfast that there was an ewe lambing out there. I looked at him and told him he was full of shit. That I wasn't due to start lambing until the 12th. But later that day, he popped his head into the house and told Maddie and I that there was ewe there that had two babies beside her. Again I told him he is wrong. "Then what is that?" was his reply. I crawled off of the sofa, got my coat and boots on, and headed out the door. As I walked closer to the corral, I had to admit he was right. Which, by the way, I hate doing. But I don't understand. Sunday was only 128 days from when I put Lawrence in to join the women. The gestation period for sheep is anywhere from 140 -150 days.

But pictures don't lie.

Missus and her babies, a ram (left) and a ewe (right).

I guess I better do some re- researching on the gestation of sheep, because I had another set of twins yesterday.

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protective gloves

Frank's late grandfather had kept bees for years. Not once did he use protective clothing! One day, I hope to be like that. But for now, I am a chicken-shit. I was perusing Bee Maid's website looking at the protective gear.  I was telling Frank that I would need two pair of these gloves.

These are Cowhide gloves and they sell for $18.95. The goat skinned gloves sell for $22.25. 
Frank politely tells me that I don't need to buy those. Why? Because you can make them. So I silently said, 'GRRRRRR!!!!!!' 

I bought a cloth drop-cloth a while back for another project, so I used just enough for two sets of gloves. I went looking for a matched pair of ladies work gloves and I made Maddie and I each a pair of gloves.

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