Friday, April 13, 2012

oh the weather outside is frightful....

Well the boys headed down to the Edmonton area earlier this afternoon. Sure hope the roads are good. Been snowing all day. Ugh!! It is suppose to stop sometime tomorrow. 

When I was out checking the girls earlier I took some pictures with my new camera. Yep. The hubby let me buy Cassie's camera off of her.  

Miss Dolly will be calving for the first time this spring.

Annie, should be calving soon.

Freckles will probably be the next one to lamb.

Hoping the snow is gone and it is warmer when I install the bees either Monday or Tuesday evening.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

waiting game

The past few days have been flying by fast.  I have no idea why.

 All that has been on my brain is babies and bees. 
Baby calves, baby lambs, and new a grandchild...and of course, waiting is the hard part!! 

We had another calf this morning. No more lambs since last Thursday. The new grand baby could be any day. Cassie's due date is the 18th. 

I am feeling anxious about the bees. I have been looking for a beekeeper that is willing to be a mentor. I have a feeling these beekeepers are elusive creatures. No one has answered my ad yet.

I set the hives up today in the spot where they will be until we get possession of our new place. I will add the frames Monday. The feeders I will set out prior to when the boys get home Monday evening.
The boys are heading down to Edmonton on Friday. They have some places they need to go to, and they will also visit Frank's dad over the weekend. 

Yesterday, Mike and Cassie met us in Fairview. Madeline went to stay with her sister until after the baby comes. When Cassie goes into labour, Madeline is there to look after Ben while Mike and Cass are at the hospital.

The weather folks are calling for rain and snow this weekend. 
Which is just great! (Sarcasm) 
Murphy's Law. 
This would be the time that there will be calves and lambs being born. Here are the reason why:
One-snow. Two-I am here alone. Three-this is what happened last year. 

And doesn't history repeat itself?

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Monday, April 9, 2012


Frank gave a handle to the lamb. He calls her Kelly. Maybe after an old girlfriend?

The little ewe lamb is doing much better. I had to change her nipple. She didn't care for these black nipples.

They slip over a bottle-we use a beer bottle or you can use a 591 ml pop bottle. Trust me these type of nipples are hard to slip over a bottle. I have spilt plenty of milk, fighting to get the nipple over the rim.

She kept spitting the nipple out or just taking a few sucks. So I tried her on these other nipples that I have.

These are called  Pritchard Flutter Valve Teat. It screws onto a pop bottle. I am using 591ml water bottle. It also has a air hole on top. She seems to be doing so much better with this nipple. 
 Once she gets bigger, and out grows the Pritchard,  I will have to use the rubber black nipple. But hopefully by than, she won't mind it to much.

We have been taking the lamb outside with us every time we go out to do chores. She follows us everywhere.   It is kind of cute. Just have to get use to keep looking down. 

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Blessings

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