Saturday, April 28, 2012

all that is new

The weather this past week had been damp and cold. My ole body sure didn't like it! 

We signed our lives away on Monday with the lawyer. The real estate agent showed the home quarter three times this week. I hate it when I have to 'disappear' for a couple of hours, especially when I am calving and lambing. 

Cassie and Mike, had their baby girl Wednesday, April 25th  at 7.34 am. Raena Lynn weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces. We went to meet her on Friday. She is such a sweetheart! 

Ben, so far, loves his baby sister!

We also brought Madeline home, but I think she misses her nephew!

 Had a couple more ewes lamb. But we had one that was having problems on Tuesday. Maggie is a first timer, and she needed help. The lamb's legs were bent back, and were not in the proper birthing position. Frank had to assist. He pushed the lamb back inside Maggie, and got things straighten out, and pulled the lamb. He also had to help the teeny tiny little ewe lamb. I spent most of Tuesday, just getting the ram lamb to suckle. She wouldn't even let the little ewe suckle. She just kept head bunting her. Maggie hit the lamb so hard, that the little ewe rolled a couple of times, and she ended up on her back, with legs in the air. So I intervened. I now have another bottle baby.

I dubbed her Peanut. On the right is Baby. What a difference in size. Baby is four weeks old. 
I have four more ewes to go, and they are all first timers.

Since I have been feeding Peanut ever two hours, she had to come with us to Grande Prairie. 

Annie had a little heifer on Monday.

Today the sun was actually shining. But the darn wind was strong.

Maddie and I went and checked the bee hives out. We topped up the frame feeders. 

I couldn't find the queen in Leave Me Bee. But the other two hives had their queens. I notice liquid sugar honey, some bees exiting some of the cells ass first. Also, in all three hives they were drawing comb. I couldn't tell if there was egg laying going on. I have white foundations, and it is hard to see. There was bees everywhere. 

I didn't use my smoker. I am not even sure how to use the darn thing. But I know I should learn.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

tug of war

The poms and Frank were in a very playful mood. Gave me lots of opportunity to take some great shots!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

game of fetch

Young Frank getting  the poms excited for a game of fetch. 

But they don't bring the stick back!

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