Friday, March 22, 2013

A spring tour of the farm for y'all!

And yes these wintry photos were all taken today!

The garage was built in the late '70s. There was another addition added to the north side (right side in the photo), but we tore that down last spring. 

Once the snow decides to start to melt, the addition on the South side will be torn down. We can not insure our garage until this is done. 

Can you all understand why I wish to paint or re-side these buildings? Way to much white!!!

Last fall, we put in the pilings for the new deck and mud room. Can't tell with all this snow! We are going out a couple of feet to the East (right side) past the edge of the current deck. I will post pictures of our progress.

Last spring, I planted fifty-three Lombardy Poplars along this fence line. 

You will feel hard pressed to even find the tips of all those trees. You all are just going to half to take my word that they are there!

  The barn and cow sheds after it was painted Home Hardware red.

 The barn and cow sheds prior to being painted.

Just image. Everything being white! Ugh!!

I just have a bit left to paint on the south side of the barn. 

The corrals are all getting replaced this year. We built an alley way. We also got the posts in the ground for a  round pen for Maddie.

Lots of plans for this spring and summer.

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