Friday, March 29, 2013

and the walls, came tumblin down....

I just love it when spring arrives. All the planning, and dreaming that sustained me for six months, can start coming to fruit. So many plans I have. We have.

One of those plans came to light today with the demolition of the old addition on the garage. Once the snow has melted, the beginning of my greenhouse will happen.

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  1. Nice to see your blog again, somehow I had managed to loose my link to it. I'm glad the move went OK, I cant believe it's nearly a year ago. Sorry to hear that you lost two of your hives, I will have to re-read that post as I'm sure you would have said why.

  2. Oh that's VERY exciting! Last Spring, my husband built me a 3 sided greenhouse on the south side of the carport. It has been marvellously helpful - we were able to harvest tomatoes into October last year! No more covering up plants outside for weeks on end in late August and early September ~ we simply shut the door and the vents in the late afternoon. I've just planted cold tolerant crops in there which will all be ready to harvest by the time the garden outside is ready to plant. As our greenhouse is not insulated, I'm holding off on planting heat loving plants until the night time temps are consistently stable/high enough. We are also working on adding a few heat sinks to hold heat overnight (bricks, water barrels, etc).

    I can't wait to see pictures of your greenhouse :)