Monday, March 25, 2013

My family made it home safe!

Madeline bought herself a Malamute puppy from a lady near Paradise Valley, back before the puppy was born. She made arrangements with Kelly to meet  in Lamont when the puppy was eight weeks old. 

Madeline has a school friend, Leanne, who lives in the Barrhead area. The girls planned weeks ago to  get together this weekend. You know the old adage-kill two birds with one stone.

Madeline has had her drivers for about two months, and being parents we were quite concerned about driving that distance as a new driver. It is approximately a six hour drive from the farm to Barrhead. And the weather in March is very unpredictable  Alternate plans where made. Frank would drive Madeline to High Prairie and Leanne would meet them there. 

But powers at be, decided that plan was no good either. We got news, somewhat late, that Frank's father had an operation to remove a cancerous lump in his saliva glands and things took a turn for the worst, and he was in ICU. So plans where changed once more. Leanne met them in Mayerthorpe, and Frank continued on to his to his brother's farm, near Tomahawk.

Leanne agreed to drive Madeline to Lamont to pick up her new puppy.


Young Frank had been in camp near Rainbow Lake, for most of the past week. It was quite the surprise when he drove into the yard yesterday. A very good surprise.

Frank and Madeline were home just after 5.30. In time for a home cooked meal!

I had enough of being a bachelor-ette!

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  1. His name, Mother dearest, is Captain Hawkeye Pierce.