Monday, March 25, 2013

Plans change

Today we were going to head to Rose Prairie, BC to pick up the tin that we had ordered to redo the roof on our garage. Frank had the trailer hooked up to the truck. He started the jeep for Madeline and backed it out of the garage this morning for her. She started off to work.

I finished my walk on my treadmill, and went and had a shower. Next thing I hear is my baby girl's voice, asking if I know where her cell phone is! What happen? The jeep starting smoking, the temperature gauge went up, and the battery gauge dropped. She was a few miles from home. 
Her cell phone would not have helped her. Bad cell phone service area.

So Frank, unhitched the trailer, and drove her to Fairview. Plans changed. 

He worked on her jeep, and discovered there is about three different radiators. One for the engine, one for the air conditioner, and one for the transmission. What happen to the days, when there use to be only one radiator?

Radiator is toast. 
New one is on order. And until it comes in, I guess Madeline will be getting driven to and fro from work. Again.

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