Thursday, April 18, 2013

a menagerie of sorts....

I baked up my sourdough bread. I didn't care for it. 
I baked the bread for over an hour and the outside was getting quite dark, and the inside tasted gummy to me. 
The sourdough starter that I used was rye flour and water. 
I don't know if I did something wrong, or if it was the recipe. 
Does anyone have any suggestions, either on recipes to try or technique?! Any tid-bit would be helpful.

My boys made it home safely with the youngster's new acquisition. Frank Jr. likes the old style of Dodge trucks. This one is a 1985 one ton crew cab short box. 4- speed. It has a 316 engine. (Now! I can't remember the rest of it!!) I just know it is going to be a gas guzzler!!!

 I asked him if this was going to be the last vehicle purchase? He tells me yes. But proceeds to inform me only after he has purchased a '69 Charger.

I went and picked up my chicks today from a friend. Phil has quite the menagerie of Heritage Chickens. I came home with close to 70 chicks. I have a mixture of: White Chantecler chicks, a few Buff Orpington chicks, 3 Partridge Chantecler chicks (one has since died), Delaware chicks, possibly a few Buff Rocks and a few of Blue Orpington chicks.

Phil said he got all confused when they starting hatching! His incubator holds 380 eggs! 

Tuesday evening, after the boys got home, Frank and I gave needles to the calves, and rung the bull calves.

We give the calves and lambs 1 cc each of vitamins A&D, and Selenium (for white muscle disease). We use a tool that is called an Elastrator for castrating. Similar to the one shown. We find it alot easier on the calves doing it this way, instead of waiting until they are a few months old and using a scalpel.

We also had another bull calf this morning. Frank was hoping for a heifer calf (female) off of this cow.

He sure has a lot of white on him. 

I think the weather man is calling for snow for our area. The wind is on the chilly side, and the temperature is hovering around 0 degrees. Springtime in Alberta folks!!

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