Monday, April 22, 2013

another day....

Ike is on the mend. A dear friend of my daughter, Cassierae's,  gave Madeline a home remedy to try. Kendra suggested making a tincture made by steeping Sweden Bitters in vodka for fourteen days. After the steeping period is over, you spritz this tincture on Ike's wound, followed up with raw honey spread over the wound. This is suppose to help speed up the healing process, and minimize the scar. 

Madeline is going to apply  honey to the wound in the mean time. Here is a picture of Ike's wound today.

He hasn't been using his leg much-he doesn't like to put any weight on it at all. Ike does this pivot thing, to turn himself around for feed and water. Frank got him to take a couple of steps on his leg. Madeline was going to try and lead him around this evening in his small pen. 

The boys hung up our flag, that our son-in-law, Brad gave us last summer, to replace the damaged one that was hanging above the barn.

Doesn't it look awesome!!!

On our list of projects that we want to try and get accomplished this year,  is to replace the old rotten deck with a new one.

Well the boys managed to get the deck taken apart and hauled away.

It took a few hours, and several cuts with a chain saw, and a circular saw. Young Frank was on the pry bar, removing the nails from the old header. There were a few obstacles in the way: the gas line, the electrical wire coming from the power pole to the mast, and the cable from the satellite for the internet, two windows, and the door. No damage to the house, tractor or human male beings, although there were several safety violations!

The only casualty was my perennials!

My poor day lily!!

The chicks are growing fast! Some already have a good start on their wing feathers.

I even managed to get more laundry detergent made.

We bought a new set of washing machine and dryer when we moved in here last year. I was using my liquid laundry detergent that I made. I use to be able to rinse the measuring cup under the water, as the machine was filling up, but these news ones, no. The machine doesn't start filling up until after the lid is closed and locked. Since I couldn't clean the cup under the water, there was a mess being created in the laundry room. I am not the only that does laundry in the house. My two grown children are responsible for their own laundry.  

So I had to find a new laundry detergent recipe-a powder one. So here it is:

I use:

1- 2 kg box of Borax
4 bars of sunlight soap, grated
1-3 kg box of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
Oxi Clean

Young Frank informed my that his clothes don't smell nice like they did before. So I added two bottles of Downy's unstopples.

Mix everything together really really well!

I use about three tablespoons per load.

I was starting to notice that our clothes were looking a bit dingy. This time around I thought I would put in a 1-1.39 kg box of Javex 2.

I am having a hard time, giving a title to my posts!!!  lol

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  1. Really interesting about the swedenbitters!Ikes wound looks like it's healing quite nicely. Love the flag! LOL I think that's so funny he let you know his clothes don't smell as nice! LOL that's cute.

  2. hung on the clothes line will freshen anything :)
    I am trying to get away from chemical anything and it is hard.

    1. I miss having a clothesline. I don't have one here, yet! I too, do not like all the chemicals that is part of our lives. But sometimes I don't know the alternative. For example, our water source is a dugout, and with spring melt in progress, the water is a little dirty. We can't treat the dugout yet, snow and ice on the dugout. That is why this time around with my laundry detergent, I included a box of Javex 2. I also want to 'protect' our septic system.

  3. A product called Wonder Dust will help heal the wound without proud flesh developing.

    1. Thanks, I am going to search for that!