Monday, April 15, 2013

be productive...

Whenever anybody heads off to work or heads to town, and one is left behind to hold down the fort--mainly me, we always tell each other to have a productive day. Regardless what you had planned, just try to be productive. We don't mean it in a bad way. We usually aren't the sort that sit around all day. 

I think today has been productive. So far.

Last Friday when we went to Peace River, I purchased a couple of timers that were on clearance sale. I paid under $7 each for them. I also got two thermometers one for the grow lights, and the other for my cold frame. I had set the timer for the one set of grow lights to go off at 10 pm and to come back on at 5 am. The lights were on this morning when I went out to do my chores. Last year I purchased two 2 feet by 4 feet heat mats, and they are still working. I always worry about this kind of stuff. My seedlings are very precious to me.

 I fed and watered my remaining buzzards chickens. I have three roosters and three hens left. No offense intended, but sure wish they would have kicked the bucket over the winter!!  I need the hen house for new chicks that I am hoping I will be getting this week. Now the chicks will be going into the bunkhouse, which I am not a fan of this idea. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I have started getting it ready for little beeps.
 My tiny flock of chickens, are extremely old. And currently, I am not running a senior home for buzzards! But with that said, I am NOT chopping their beaks off. They are here until they die. Whether that be from natural causes for by other means.

I fed the cows. Which means I open a gate for the cows to their next feeding area. I don't like feeding cows with the tractor. If I absolutely have to, I will, but until than I just open gates.
Late Saturday afternoon, Frank fed the cows, in different areas-like he does all winter long-enough for three days. Than all  I gotta do, is open gates. Easy peasy.

Last night we had our first calf. Red gave birth to a bull calf. So I checked on them this morning when I was feeding cows. We have two other girls that are awfully close to calving that need to be kept an eye on.

Checked my sheep. 

All the four legged critters are fed and watered.

I tended to my sourdough starter. Tomorrow is the seventh day for it. Looking forward to baking with it.

Today was bread making day.

Made muffins.

Made mayo for the very first time! I don't know why I was afraid of trying it sooner! But I wanted a cesear salad for lunch and had no mayo. So I made some. Easy!

Shaped my bread into loaves, and went to check on the cows.

Yep. Had another calf! Boots had the calf all licked off. So this little one was probably about ten minutes old, when I found them.

And I have another girl thinking about having a baby.

Yep. By all accounts I have had a productive day. So far!

Update: In between writing this post, I went checked my girls again. PJ  just had her calf!

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  1. I guess it was a productive day! Good grief! So excited about the new calf too!