Thursday, April 11, 2013

bee poop and being a kitchen witch.....

Yesterday I went to the 'vampires' again. Done with this round. In two weeks time I go for more blood tests-see where my iron level is. I am hoping it has dropped. Yesterday's bloodletting was really hard on me. I am so tired and weak! I get tuckered just walking across the room!

I did manage to get tomatoes seeded, today. I still need to do my peppers. The moon is in the right phase for these two veggies.

Frank built me a cold frame. I am so excited about it! His brother gave us a shower door. Why I have no idea. But that is what Frank used for the 'window'. Tomorrow we are heading to Peace River. While we are there, I am going into Peavy Mart and buying peat moss, vermiculite, and compost for my mix for the inside the cold frame. 

I am going to try my hand at sourdough. Tuesday I started the starter. I am looking forward to using it, so I sure hope it works.

I have made another batch of soap. We only have about six bars from the last batch I have made. So it was time.

After nearly of a week searching, I finally found my body lotion recipe.

Tuesday the boys took the remainder of our calves that were born in the spring 2012 to the Grande Prairie Auction.

Today the sun was shining, and the snow is slowly receding. The boys were busy dis-mantling and clearing out the debris and make-shift pens that were in the one cow shed.

Frank had moved the bees to the South door in the barn. They were enjoying the sunshine also. 

Ever wonder what bee poop looks like?

Yep! Those streaks of brown is bee poop! The cover, the front and the one side of the bee hive is covered in bee poo. I am hoping with the first spring rain, will wash all that right off.

Petey coming to say hi.

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  1. I love your cold frame, I'm sure it will be put to good use.

  2. Thanks. I showed Frank a photo, and away he went. I love it, when we are both on the same page.