Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sheep Shearing day

Joel, the shearer, is setting up his shearing machine. I should have taken a picture of it for you all. 

It took all three of them to shear Lawrence. Joel needed help holding Lawrence up and in position so he could shear his belly area. Joel couldn't get over how big my ram is. 

This young man, really made an impression with me. Joel hasn't had any 'formal' training to become a shearer. He was telling me that he bought a couple of videos of excellent shearers. One was a lady shearer from Ontario, and the other video was from a gentleman from the States.

I have had a pair of schooled shearers, and they nicked my ewes left, right and centre. Joel who learnt from doing and from dvds did a far superior job than those two men.
 Joel will be returning next year!

Once all the wool was sheared off, it was way easier to tell which girls were the closest to lambing.

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