Monday, April 29, 2013

the last few days

I don't know if you can tell in the photo, but it is snowing. Again. It has been off and on all day. We still have alot of snow.

The kids went to the far field, trying to get to the far North West quarter, and Frank's truck got stuck in the snow at the gate. His truck is a 4x4, but it was of no use. They ended up walking home about 3/4 of mile, through some deep snow. Both them were wet to their knees. The boys ended up using the tractor this morning to get Frank, Jr.'s truck out.

I went to the barn to check on the hubby. I hadn't seen him in a couple of hours, but I could hear from inside the house the banging that he was doing. He is currently making pens (jugs) in the one cow shed for when we start lambing in the next week.

I was trying to get a picture of Ike and his wounds, but all he wanted to do was check out the camera.

I did finally get a new photo of his wounds. Our Sweden Bitters is done steeping. I am hoping tomorrow, we can spritz some on him. Madeline cleaned-or tried to clean his wounds yesterday. He sure doesn't like his wounds being messed with.

 Frank made his 'recovery' pen bigger. He now has access to the waterer, and he is walking pretty good. We are hoping that in a few days, we can do some re-arranging with the horses, so Ike can get out of the corral.

This is my garden. Believe it or not. I have found something growing!

 My rhubarb is sending up new shoots. She survived the winter, the move, and living in a pot for a couple of months last year! 

All the chicks now have all their wing feathers.  Last week we had a chick with a pasty butt, which with some gentle care, we managed to get all the poop off of him. But to no avale, the chick died. We decided we better get a pouch of that medicated stuff that you put into the chicks water. We don't like using all that medicated feed for our animals, but we realise that sometimes, we don't have a choice. We haven't lost any more.

This is how the deck and temporary stairs are looking. 

I took this photo Saturday morning.

 The wind was pretty strong and cold over the weekend. The kids yesterday, found another tree on the fence line, that will have to be cut off, once the snow melts. 

Saturday, we headed to Grande Prairie to our daughter, and son-in-law's home. Cassierae was having a combined birthday party for her two children. Raena turned one year old on the 25th of April.

Cassierae and Raena

Raena, and a friend's little girl

Ben is turning four on the first of May.



 Ben, Olivia, Tayte, Auntie Madeline and Cheyenne

The grandkids, and Donny (a friend's little boy)

Fun was had by all! 

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  1. Be careful with the spritzer! I thought my horse was bomb proof, but blew up breaking the halter snap when I gave her a shot with it.

  2. Good to know! Ike is already a bit on the jittery side due to his wounds. Should make for an interesting 'rodeo'!